Trending Technology Courses At Livewire Thrissur. The Best Software Training Institute in Thrissur Will help you to Decide How To Choose Your Career Forever

Building a great career can feel like a science experiment. Whether you’re a data scientist or python developer or cloud engineer or AI specialist, all forms of jobs revolve around crafting your skills for the desired effect.

Livewire Thrissur provides Job oriented courses in Thrissur Kerala which attract many multinational companies. In other words, Livewire is one of Kerala’s best software training institution in Thrissur for freshers and graduates.

Because of the High demand, These courses are designed in such a way that it will enable each candidate to attain a successful career in emerging technologies. The syllabus is in sync with corporate needs enables you to develop your skills.

Why Livewire Known as the Best Software Training Institute In Thrissur?

Our courses and placement system are very transparent with data available in the public domain. Please check our Livewire’s – Placement page and also the Facebook page to get exact details about placement activities.

LIVEWIRE is in association with 250+ Placement Companies. Because of this association, They grab candidates among Livewire’s trained graduates, who undergo training.

What You Get From Livewire Thrissur

LIVEWIRE Thrissur provides industry-level training and globally recognized certifications. This is the best in classroom training content delivered by our certified expert trainers. This professional training gives each candidate better job opportunities and also keeps their skills high.

These trending training courses in Livewire Thrissur are developed to introduce the concepts of different standards, functionalities, and also the technologies. This will make you an expert in the technology courses and grasp complete knowledge.

Change is the only constant. This affects your career life too. Upgrading yourself is inevitable nowadays. The reason is simple, technology is evolving at such a rapid pace.

Technology-based careers don’t change at that same speed, but they do evolve, and the current professionals recognize that their role will not stay steady. Today, all the professionals will constantly be learning, out of necessity if not desire.

How does this affect you? It means staying up to date with technology trends by keeping your eyes on the future. This enables you to understand which skills you’ll need to grasp and what types of jobs you want to be qualified to do.

Top Trending Technologies of Future | Learn from the best software training institute in Thrissur

Below, you can see the top trending technologies in which you must have the knowledge to thrive a better future. These are trending technologies expected to acquire a huge market in future.

Let’s make a decision to become a master in any one of the below technologies from the best software training institute in Thrissur :

1.Electronic Design Automation Course

2.Industrial Automation course

3.IT Infrastructure Management Course

4.Software Development Course

5.Business Intelligence Course

6.Process Management Course

Now it’s time to understand the technology trends and some of the jobs that will be created by these.

So, the countdown starts from here.

Ethical Hacking Course In Thrissur

Ethical Hacking, a subset of IT Infrastructure Management has already gained a lot of buzz in recent years. It enables the security of the network or systems by solving the vulnerabilities found during testing. This avoids malicious attacking which may cause loss of data, financial loss, and other damages.

Ethical Hacking Course In Thrissur

While Ethical Hacking is a subset of ITIM, there are several other subsets within the domain of ITIM. This includes cloud computing, network engineering, and also network security, etc. Each of these subsets gives an opportunity for specializing in a career field that will only grow.

Industrial Automation Course In Thrissur

PLC and SCADA are rapidly being used in all kinds of industries. This creates a huge market for skilled professionals. PLC and SCADA applications are used for monitoring and controlling huge areas such as full site or plant.

In addition to completing countless tasks on our behalf, it is generating jobs. Jobs in each of these fields rank among the top emerging jobs on LinkedIn with the most top pay scale. For example, the average pay for a Machine Learning Engineer is $111,736 per year. The job categories include engineers, developers, researchers, and also data scientists.

Blockchain Course In Thrissur

Although most of you heard of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Blockchain enables security that is beneficial in many ways. In simple terms, blockchain can be defined as data.

Blockchain Course In Thrissur

It can only add to, not take away from or change and this makes it so secure. Then the term “chain” is because there will be a chain of data. So With blockchain, there will be no need for a trusted third-party to manage or authorize transactions.

As the use of blockchain technology rises, which in turn increases the demand for skilled experts. However, According to the estimate of Techcrunch, blockchain-related jobs are the second-fastest growing category of jobs.

Scope Of BlockChain technology Course

There are 14 job openings for each blockchain developer. The average yearly salary of a blockchain developer is between $150,000 and $175,000. Employers looking for software engineers, consultants and also the project managers have jobs in the blockchain space.

Jobs are available at financial institutions, and also in retail and healthcare, and soon probably manufacturing as well.

Nowadays almost all “things” are being built with WIFI connectivity. This means that they can be connected to the internet and to each other. Hence, the Internet of Things or IoT enables devices to be connected to exchange data over the Internet. And we’re only in the beginning stages of IoT.


However and despite this boon in IoT development, experts say not enough professionals are getting trained for IoT jobs. says we’ll need 200,000 more IT workers that aren’t yet in the pipeline, and that a survey of engineers found 25.7 believe inadequate skill levels to be the industry’s biggest obstacle to growth.

So what now and Where?

At Livewire the Best Software Training Institute in Thrissur. So we are active in developing human potential. And we completely believe that everyone is made better by only sharing knowledge.

So we’ve designed this real-time certification training in Kerala for you. We’ve seen firsthand that many organizations don’t know enough to even begin asking the right questions, and so we hope to narrow that education gap.

Although technologies are evolving around us, these domains offer promising career potential now and for the foreseeable future. And there is a shortage of skilled workers in these technology careers.

This means the time is right for you to choose one. So Get trained, and get on board at the early stages of the technology. And also positioning you for success now and in the future.

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