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Blockchain Technology formed the resolution of a new type of internet. Livewire Thrissur’s Blockchain certification course offers complete Blockchain technology training in Thrissur. There has been a sudden rush in Blockchain technology around the world. So various institutes have come up with the blockchain training course. With a blockchain training, you can expect to learn the various aspects of the mechanism, advantages of blockchain technology, designing of a blockchain network, deploying it for real-world applications and more. We are providing the Best Blockchain Training In Thrissur. Learn the Blockchain course from Livewire Thrissur Kerala to become an expert and solve business problems. We are the Top Best Software Training Institute In Thrissur.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology allows digital information to be shared but not duplicated. Basically, it is invented for the digital currency, Bitcoin, (Buy Bitcoin). But today the tech community has found other potential uses for the technology. But since then, it has evolved into something greater. And, the main question every single person asking is: What is Blockchain or blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology allows people to make transactions directly to one another. The transaction is possible without the need for a middleman. From money to music, can be stored, moved, transacted, exchanged, and managed. Blockchain technology even has the power to improve the accounting industries and supply society. Therefore, this technology is a technological revolution.

Blockchain Explained : How does a Blockchain work !

Mainly, blockchain is used for storing data. By using it as a token and also work as a smart deal. So that we can expect that it will rule over the world. This is the backbone of the Cryptocurrency also known as Bitcoin Currency.

Blockchain technology explained that we are making a chain of continues transactions. The main advantage of the blockchain technology is it’s using a peer to peer Bitcoin exchange.

In a peer-to-peer system, there is no central authority. If one of the peers in the network goes out of the race, you still have more peers to download from. Therefore, it is not subject to the idealistic standards of a central system. Hence, it is not prone to censorship.

Data security using Blockchain Technology

According to this technology, there is no need for a central authority. Here we are using a shared system. So that any hacker tries to delete a transaction is impossible. Because each and every transaction of blockchain will make an auto update to all the system immediately. So when a transaction is written in a shared ledger, it will be locked with the previous block hash code. Here there is no centralized system to control, so to do that we are using a proof of work. It will ensure that the entered transaction will not be altered. So we can ensure that our data is protected.

Also, we can access them by the private key and public key. The public key work as our identity or address. The private key will work as our password. So when a transaction occurred, it will be verified by some workers called miners. They will enter the transaction into the public ledger and complete the transaction procedure. A group of a completed transaction will make a block and it will join to the chain of the block.

Why should I learn Blockchain?

Let’s have a look at the best reasons to learn Blockchain. As in terms of a user, investor or developer. Here are the reasons :

1. High job prospects and good pay


The job market looks good for blockchain followers. It is expected to grow in the coming years. The employers have been looking for the following Blockchain career roles:

  • Senior software engineer, cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Analyst
  • Cryptocurrency Developer
  • Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Trader
  • Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Mining Technician
  • Direct Sales Associate – Cryptocurrency
  • Systems Engineer (Trading Cryptocurrency)
  • Cloud Engineer with Bitcoin protocol / Blockchain
  • Bitcoin Full-Stack Developer
  • Cryptocurrency Research Analyst (Internship)

2. Absolute Disruption in Chain


Blockchain improves the confidence and accuracy of the operating parties. It decreases the value chain, breaks down the workflow. Thereby, speed up the inter-party processes. This will lead to the focus of certain players in the value chain. To learn Blockchain there’s going to be a lot of job opportunities. Players should be rating up their future position and managers should reassess their value chains.

3. Inflexion Point of an Era


The world is on the edge of another ARPANET moment. Perhaps even an inflexion point, which will directly affect the way people do business. This moment is Blockchain.                                      

4. Industries On Blockchain

The blockchain is playing an influencing role in terms of technology. It is based on the basis of the Bitcoin market. Banking is not the only industry that could be affected by blockchain technology. Supermarkets, energy resources, health care, voting, and many other sectors could also integrate blockchain in their future. With this, you can begin with the shift process and ensure that transactions at the platform of Blockchain are maintained and the present value is also driven.


5. Integration with New-Age Technology

Blockchain technology aiming to change the worldThere have been some unique concepts produced. From a merge of blockchain with voting systems, commodities trading. And, even real estate and the ability to build a safe infrastructure for autonomous combination makes it easy to be creative. This makes them without worrying about the openness of their data.


6. Universal Infrastructure Facility

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Blockchain are essentially connecting together. This forms a new type of market infrastructure that sits on top of – and integrates into – existing systems and processes. Also, it offers only a single infrastructure and solution facility connected with the other type of market. This way you can integrate into the previous process and system.

7. Calculated Investment In Cryptocurrencies & ICOs


The blockchain is a hidden technology of Cryptocurrencies. Therefore, by understanding the concepts of Blockchain, you will be able to make smarter investments and tradings. And the technology will help you shortlist the best ICOs based on their concepts.

8. Data security

The bitcoin blockchain infrastructure reduces the need for any single entity to keep and store your personal and sensitive data. Any business or platform that combines open-source blockchain APIs for any account verification, access or transaction will provide an innovative level of data security as below.


9. High Demand For Blockchain

The blockchain is a prosperous sector. So, there are lots of opportunities waiting for you in the market. Demand for people with blockchain skill sets has increased as a sign of the growing market. Also, it supports digital currencies. Blockchain technology has since then expanded to industries like healthcare, insurance, supply chains and many more. The conversion of the technology by industries automatically increases the requirement for blockchain professionals who have the skill-set to navigate the requisites of the technology.


Taking the Blockchain Training in Thrissur can help people to make the best use of the total lack of skilled and certified Blockchain professionals. Livewire Thrissur Kerala provides Blockchain Training which can help to master all these technologies and more. You will get the Blockchain certification upon the successful completion of this training.

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