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With the coming of so many new technologies in this era, it is easy to miss out on machine learning. But slowly, and silently, it has become pivotal behind in recent years. With a mix of data science and artificial intelligence, it is present in every other industry. We, at Livewire Thrissur, will help you to understand the importance of learning machine learning course and a certification training course on it.

What is Machine Learning?

It broadly comes under the concept of Artificial Intelligence in the sense that it allows a computer system to analyse on its own and make the right decisions without programmed steps. Without any external help, a system can identify the patterns in the data available and make proper decisions.

Machine Learning Certification in Thrissur

The basic concept of Machine Learning has been in existence since long before. But it has only been in recent years scientists were able to let a computer system gain insights from data by iteratively searching for valuable information.

Tom Mitchell gave an informative and accurate definition way back in 1997. He said “A computer program is said to learn from experience E with respect to some task T and some performance measure P, if its performance on T, as measured by P, improves with experience E.

Machine Learning is one of the hottest keywords in the field of Technology and for good reason. But what is the reason behind it? What makes machine learning unique?

Let’s try to understand Machine Learning in layman terms. Consider you are bowling in cricket for the first time.

After the first attempt, you realize that you have applied way too much force than needed as the bowl passed over the stumps. After the second attempt, you realize you are closer to target but you need to increase your throw angle. From this, we can understand that with each try we try to better ourselves and try to reach the desired result. We function this way all the time. With each try, we learn something and finally come to the conclusion of what needs to be done, to get the desired output. The same process holds true to make machines predict the future.

Types of Machine Learning Methods

The most common machine learning methods are supervised learning and unsupervised learning. It adds up to 90% of all the machine learning done. Some of the other methods are semi-supervised and unsupervised reinforcement learning. Let’s take a brief look at these methods.

Supervised Learning

It is a type of learning that takes place when both the inputs and outputs are available. In this, algorithms are trained using labelled examples. In other words, an algorithm helps to generate a model in which the input data and output data are present. This is also referred to as training data. Based on this, when new inputs are given, the system can accurately predict the outputs. The algorithms may include classification, regression, prediction etc.

Machine Learning Course in Thrissur
An example of Supervised Learning

Semi-supervised learning is similar to supervised learning. The only difference is that in the training data, outputs may not be available for all inputs.

Unsupervised Learning

In this type of learning, data sets are prepared without any historical data. It helps in finding the structure based on the accumulated data. Here, the test data won’t be classified or labelled. Cluster analysis forms an integral part of unsupervised learning since it divides the set of observations into subsets based on pre-designed criteria. Different types of clustering techniques are available to achieve the desired output.

Machine Learning Training in Thrissur
An example of Unsupervised Learning

Reinforcement Learning

It may not be the best methods in terms of efficiency, but it has its own advantages. The algorithms make use of the trial and error method and decide which leads to greater reward. An agent, environment and the actions are the most important components in this type of learning.

Current Scope of Machine Learning

The huge demand for quality machine learning courses shows us that there is a huge lack of machine learning experts in India. With the increase in chatbots in every sector, almost every other industry is in search of qualified individuals.

Machine Learning jobs for freshers may vary between ₹ 699,807- 891,326.

Some of the job roles you can apply for once you finish the machine learning training certification are:

  • Data Architect
  • Machine Learning Engineer.
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Mining Specialist etc

At present, there are plenty of MNC’s working on machine learning including companies like Amazon, Tesla, Intel etc. The demand will only increase with the heavy influence of Artificial Intelligence. In India, even the service based companies are heavily recruiting people who understand even the basics of machine learning as it presents them an advantage.

For you to be ready, you will need to have not just the knowledge, but also a good certification in Machine learning. This is exactly why you should consider doing a course in machine learning from a reputed institute like Livewire Thrissur. But for you to be an expert in machine learning it takes due time, since he/she needs to be trained in programming, basics of statistics, and even data science.

The world understands that machine learning and artificial intelligence is the future. Hence, there is never a dearth of investments towards educating young minds in it. We need to understand that even Google has accepted that AI is the future. In most of the world-renowned companies, machine learning has already become an integral part of the process. Above all, the mission as of now is to increase efficiency.

Machine Learning Certification Course Training by Livewire Thrissur

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Apart from the Machine Learning certification course, Livewire Thrissur also provides Job Oriented courses on Python programming, Network Security, Data Science, etc. Lastly, take a look at the courses offered by us, and choose the one you like to guarantee a great career.

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