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Industrial automation is the way forward in the 21st century. Industrial automation as the name suggests is the use of automated instruments such as robots and computers for managing different machines and handling process. PLC and SCADA are one of the leading devices used in industrial automation. And anyone willing to start a career in it should be willing to undergo PLC SCADA course at premium institutes like Livewire Ambernath which is one of the best in Ulhasnagar – Neral – Kalyan – Badlapur regions.

The first thought of the people was that only the overall productivity of industries will increase as machines have the capability to work around the clock. Now, as time has passed, the perception of the industry has changed. Automation now manages to increase the flexibility and quality in the process of manufacturing. According to a recent survey, previously the installation of pistons was done by humans and had an error rate of 1-1.5% but with the use of an automated machine, the error rate was reduced to 0.00001%.

plc scada course in ambarnath

Industrial automation can be broken down into two segments namely, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

PLC: It tracks the state of input devices and controls the state of output devices depending on some programming instructions.

DCS: The number of controllers based on a different level is connected by communication networks which can be monitored and controlled.

SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition devices are also an integral part of the automation framework in industries. They are automation control systems that monitor every site of the plant. This centralized system provides the user with remote control of any given machine in the plant.

Advantages of Industrial Automation

Industries all over the world took notice of automation practices. Automation plays a major role in deciding the growth of a company and has many advantages:

  • Less Production time: Having an automated machine on your side definitely speeds up the production time.
  • Reduction in Error: Every human is bound to commit errors at some point. But with the introduction of machines, the error rate goes down drastically, thereby increasing efficiency. The overall quality also increases.
  • Fewer Employees: With the major works done by machines, the need for human employees is less. The initial investment would be on the higher side in case of automation. But in the long run, it will prove beneficial.
  • Safe: Humans have the natural tendency to make mistakes and in industries, it might lead to accidents. In the case of machines, the probability of accidents occurring will be at a minimum.
  • High Production: An automated equipment can work for 24 hours and hence greater productivity is expected with more efficiency. Repetition can be a headache for humans, but not for machines.
  • High Flexibility: Unlike humans, machines don’t need proper training before the beginning of a new process. With industrial automation, a change in code is all it needs.

And with the onset of new technologies like the Internet of Things, AI, Big data, it is almost a guarantee that industrial automation will play a major role in the future too. As of now it has become a differentiating factor in terms of growth and will continue to do so. There will always be a demand for trained professionals in industrial automation training.

PLC SCADA Course by Livewire Ambernath, Mumbai

The PLC SCADA certification course by Livewire Ambernath will surely help you in your journey towards a successful career. Livewire Ambernath provides specializations in PLC, SCADA, HMI and VFD. A candidate can choose the right technology for him to make a mark in, and begin a career. The PLC SCADA course from Livewire Ambernath includes both theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge, as evident from the need to finish a live project by the end of the coursework. It is undoubtedly one of the best PLC SCADA certification training course in the Ulhasnagar, Neral, Kalyan, Badlapur region in Thane.

To understand the basics of PLC and SCADA, you can refer to this article written by Livewire Karur. The article by Livewire Trivandrum regarding the future scope of industrial automation will put to rest any reservations you might have had about taking this course. If you have gone through these articles, I am sure you will be more than willing to join our PLC SCADA certification course at Livewire Ambernath as soon as possible.

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