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Livewire TNagar provides courses based on the latest technology trends. We help youngsters and professionals to stay up to date with the current technology. And, also to develop their career. Now, we are happy to announce Livewire’s Machine Learning Certification TNagar.

Machine learning, the science of making computers to self-learn without external programming. Also, machine learning has provided the world with several benefits. This includes self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web search and a detailed understanding of the human genome. Machine learning is so common today. You definitely use it a hundred times a day without even knowing that.

Machine learning reshape how we live, and it’s time we understood what it is and why it matters.

Also, various researchers think it is the key to make a step towards AI. In this Machine Learning Certification TNagar, you will learn about the most effective machine learning techniques. Also, you will gain practise implementing them and getting them to work for yourself.

Moreover, gain practical knowledge more than the theoretical learning. Finally, you’ll learn about best practices in innovation as it pertains to machine learning and AI. Machine Learning Certification TNagar provides a broad introduction to various topics. From text mining, data mining, to Survival Analysis.

Machine Learning Certification Training At Livewire TNagar

Application of Machine Learning?

Now have a look at the uses of machine learning. Consider some of the machine learning applications:

  • Self-driving Google car.
  • Cyber fraud detection.
  • Online recommendation engines like,
  • Friend suggestions on Facebook
  • Netflix showcasing the movies and shows you might like
  • More items to consider and get yourself a little something on Amazon.

These are all examples of applied machine learning.

Machine Learning Certification Training

All these examples show the vital role of machine learning in today’s world. Hence, machines can help in filtering useful pieces of data that help in major improvements. And we are seeing how this technology is being implemented in a wide range of areas.

Therefore, to fast-track, your knowledge, consider Livewire TNagar’s comprehensive Machine Learning Certification TNagar. By training in these learnings, you can become a job-ready machine learning master with us!

Data Mining vs Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Machine learning and data mining use the same algorithms and techniques. But, their predictions vary. Data mining identifies previously unknown patterns and knowledge. And, machine learning identifies known patterns and knowledge. And, automatically applies that information to decision-making and actions.

On the other hand, deep learning uses advanced computing power. And, also special types of neural networks. Then, applies them to the bulk quantity of data to learn, understand, and identify complicated patterns. Examples of deep learning include automatic language translation and medical diagnoses.

Types of Machine Learning Methods

How do machines learn?

There are two popular methods of machine learning. Supervised learning and unsupervised learning. About 70 % of machine learning is supervised learning and unsupervised learning ranges from 10 – 20 %. Semi-supervised and reinforcement learning are used less-often which are also two forms of machine learning methods.

Supervised Learning

This method is possible when inputs and outputs are accurate. Hence, algorithms are prepared using specific examples. For example, let’s consider: device has data points F (failed) or R (runs).

Therefore, in supervised learning, the algorithm consists of a set of inputs along with the corresponding correct output to find errors. According to these inputs, it would extra modify the design. This is a kind of pattern recognition.

Fraudulent credit card transactions use supervised learning.

Unsupervised Learning

An unsupervised learning algorithm examines the additional data to find the structure. This learning works best for transactional data. For example, it helps in identifying customer segments and clusters with certain attributes. An application is content personalization.

Unsupervised learning is also used in self-organizing maps, nearest neighbour mapping etc.

Semi-Supervised Learning

This learning is a part of both supervised and unsupervised learning. And uses both labelled and unlabeled data for learning. In addition to that, the algorithm would use a small amount of labelled data along with a large amount of unlabeled data.

Classification, regression, and prediction uses Semi-Supervised Learning. Examples are face and voice recognition techniques.

Reinforcement Learning

Have similarity to the traditional type of data analysis. Therefore, the algorithm learns through trial and error. Then decides which action causes greater results. There are three major components: the agent, the environment, and the actions.

  • Agent – learner or decision-maker.
  • Environment – contains everything that the agent interacts with.
  • Actions – what the agent can do.

Hence, reinforcement learning happens when the agent takes actions that maximize the expected results over a given time.

Livewire’s Machine Learning Certification helps you understand and master concepts like regression, clustering, classification, and prediction.

Is Machine Learning Certification Tnagar ideal for Your Career?

The demand for skilled machine learning engineers is increasing day by day. Therefore, this machine learning certification TNagar is well prepared for candidates at an average level of experience. Hence, we recommend this machine learning training for students and professionals who likes to follow technology.

Machine Learning Engineer have a median salary of $ 106K (USD), according to Livewire’s Machine Learning Certification TNagar will help you gain the knowledge and skills. And you’ll need to advance your career in this domain.

AI & Machine Learning is going to become the next wave of the digital world. And, each of you can prepare with the machine learning course.

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