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Livewire Tnagar is one of the Professional Training Institute in Chennai which provides CEH Certified Ethical Hacking course in ChennaiWe have certified faculties who are well mastered in Ethical Hacking. This Ethical Hacking Course is designed according to the updated trends in ethical hacking. The time and duration of the courses are flexible to the candidates. We also provide this course for working professionals. Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai has become very popular today…

What is Ethical Hacking?

When someone hears the word “Hacking”, they have a negative feeling towards it. Because it is attacking the privacy of others and is illegal. In this digital era, everything is dependent on technology. Though technology has made our life much easier than before. It also has its own disadvantages. Today, each and every company are trying to protect their highly sensitive data from hackers. So they approach ethical hackers to safeguard their data. The role of an ethical hacker is to penetrate into a system to check security and protection. Ethical hackers are trained professionals, who penetrate into any type of IT system. Let it be an individual or a company’s system. A company’s system may seem secure from outside but, they are exposed to the threat of malware, virus or hacking. Therefore Companies approach ethical hackers to check the reliability and security of their system.

Career In Ethical Hacking : Job Profiles

“To beat a hacker, you have to think like one” – Ethical Hacking Council

Why Businesses Need Ethical Hackers?

Technology advances and the growing number of threats in the computer world causes the rise of IT Security and ethical hackers. Most companies today are aware of the need for hiring ethical hackers because they can save the company from huge loss. A career in ethical hacking can be very worthwhile when compared to other jobs. This is one of the challenging job titles which needs immense expertise and practice. There is good Career growth in ethical hacking.

An ethical hacker finds a job in any company. Each company which has an internet facing side or anything to do with the web. These include educational institutions and even private companies ranging from logistic services to data warehousing companies. More than this, a certified ethical hacker will also get a chance to work for the military and top-secret intelligence gathering agencies like the CIA, Mossad, NSA

According to Payscale certified ethical hackers have an average annual income of $80,074. And, the average starting salary for a certified ethical hacker is $95,000, according to EC-Council.

Why Hire Ethical Hackers?

  • To develop a computer system that blocks hackers access and safeguard system and information from malicious crime.
  • Maintain sufficient precautionary measures to avoid security gaps
  • Safeguard user information available in business transactions and visits
  • To test networks at regular intervals
  • To create security awareness at all levels in a business

What are the types of Hackers?

Now let’s have a look at some of the different types of the role of work in the information security world.

White Hat Hacker

All hackers are not villains, some are stars as well. A white hat hacker is an Ethical Hacker. They break into security systems ethically. But, they don’t derive information with malicious intent but do it for ethical reasons. White hat hackers are security experts in organizations. They take various measures and shields to obtain data that is useful for the organization. Therefore, white hat hackers are legally permitted to do the same and are called as ethical hackers. In case, the professional certification that certifies one as a Certified Ethical Hacker. CEH certification is one of the hot IT security certifications to security professionals. With the increasing number of cyber crimes, the demand for ethical hackers is increasing by the day.

Black Hat Hacker

Every hacker is not a cracker. But that doesn’t sense there is no cracker. Black hat hackers are crackers. They are opposite to white hat hackers. Black hat hackers break into information systems with malicious intent. They hack everything for scam purposes. Black hat hackers dig into other’s computer, phone, account etc. They take out the details that can cause harm to the owner. Black hat hackers are the main reason for cyber crimes. They use the people’s private data for causing crimes like robbery, fraud, vandalism ans many more. As these groups of hackers are unethical, they are punishable by the law for crimes they cause.

Grey Hat Hacker

Everything cannot be related to black and white. There is also a grey area in hacking. A grey hat hacker has features of both white and black hat hacker. Grey hat hackers usually dig into other systems unethically while causing no such malicious harm. Many grey hat hackers break into other’s account and information systems. After, they pull the details and inform the administrator about the failure. Moreover, they suggest fixing the problem against some fee. Hence, they are the ones who hack others’ systems to gain some earning.

Why should I learn Ethical Hacking?

Let’s have a look at the top reasons to learn Ethical Hacking. As in terms of a user, investor or developer. Here are the reasons :

  • Good Scope for Career
  • Google Trends For Ethical Hacking Jobs
  • Worth Investing Time and Money
  • Build Awareness
  • Becoming a Certified Expert
  • Online Presence
  • Make Knowledge The Power
  • Test System Security
  • Good Pay of course
  • Know The Hidden Technique
  • Explore in a better way

Learn from Best Professional training Institute for ethical hacking in Chennai

There are lots of professional training institute in Chennai for Ethical Hacking. But one has to make the right choice; by choosing the Best Professional Training Institute in Chennai, which provides Ethical Hacking Certification.

If you wish to learn Ethical Hacking and build a bright career in Hacking Technology. Check out our Ethical Hacking Certification at Professional Training Institute in Chennai, T Nagar which comes with instructor-led live training and real-life project experience. This training will help you understand Ethical Hacking in depth and help you achieve mastery over the subject.

Base to In-Depth Learning From Professional Training Institute in Chennai, Livewire T Nagar

Learning ethical hacking is anytime useful. Make sure you learn the concepts thoroughly and put them in the appropriate purpose. It has a great career scope for which you can earn much. No doubt that you placed with sufficient responsibility. But it is equally true such solution is worth.

Moreover, this ISO certified Professional Training Institute in Chennai also provides certification training in various technologies like Machine Learning, Python, Data science, Networking, etc.

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