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The Internet Of Things is transforming the world into smart. Our way of driving, purchasing and even how we get energy for our homes. Advanced sensors and chips embedded in physical devices around us. Each transmitting important data. Data that lets us understand how these things work and work together. But how bulk quantities of data can be shared among such devices? And how do we make that information to serve?

Implementing IoT can give city residents real-time updates on where to park or observing our personal health. It’s the common Internet Of Things platform. It brings us diverse information and serves as the common language for each device and apps to communicate with each other.

IOT Training Institution

Livewire provides Job oriented courses such as the internet of things or IoT placement course which attracts many multinational companies. This is one of India’s best IoT training institution for freshers and also graduates. This course will enable each candidate to build a complete IoT solution of their own. IoT course syllabus is in sync with corporate needs when it comes to IoT training and placements.

Our technology partners Includes CompTia, Nasscom, Oracle, Axelos, Certiport, Cadence, Siemens etc.

They are working on various core verticals and are well-known technology giants.


Livewire’s IoT Course and placement system are very transparent with data available in the public domain. Please check our Livewire’s – Placement page and Facebook page to get exact details about placement activities.

LIVEWIRE is in association with 250+ Placement Companies. They grab candidates among Livewire’s trained graduates, who undergoes IoT training.

Livewire’s training method and student efforts have transformed thousands of students.

Livewire is open with our previous students about what they have to say about our IoT training and placements. Their positive feedback keeps us going forward and negative feedback helps us for making improvements.

IoT Certification Training is created by industry specialists. And they make you a Certified IoT Developer.

Our  IoT Course concentrates on giving end-to-end disclosure to members. It includes :

  • Introduction to IoT ‐ Concepts and Technologies
  • Internet of Things Architecture
  • Device Design ‐ Sensors and Embedded Development Boards
  • Boards ‐ Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266
  • Communication with Bluetooth and WiFi modules
  • IoT Communication Protocols ‐ Wired, Wireless, Application, Transport Layer
  • Cloud Architecture ‐ Services and Importance in IoT
  • Integration of IoT devices with cloud
  • Data, Storage, and Security
  • Interfacing peripherals & Programming GPIOs
  • Programming using Arduino and Python

Become an Industry-ready IoT programmer by building hands-on knowledge from sensors to applications. This excellent Internet of Things Course Syllabus given as an IoT classroom training program starting with the basics of IoT. The course also includes deep dive programming in C, python, and connectivity (IoT protocols) views. The participants can build end-to-end IoT applications.

This IoT training course is aimed for jobs in core Industry. The course content will be practically oriented so that easily grasping can be possible.

All of us know that for a fresher graduate it is difficult to find a job if they lack in knowledge of any extra programming language skill. By learning this IoT course each of you can experience real-time hands-on experience.


IOT Training Institution

Based on an analysis, we understand IoT careers is still a confusing statement between Engineers. Because IoT is defined in multiple views. In each field like Electronics / Embedded / Core engineer, many questions remain unanswered.

What are the additional skills needed by Electronics / Electrical / Computer science engineer should have in order to have a career in IoT?

What are the roles played by protocols in IoT?

Internet Of Things Careers guide provided here in order to clarify them. This is an output of our years of market research and effort.


So the concept of IoT has given rise to a new era of economic growth and also companies are looking at it to transform their business. Now here you can see two types of companies. Firstly there are companies such as Dell and IBM which have a vested interest, their core products and services are built around delivering and facilitating IoT.

But there are also companies such as Verizon and Accenture where it is more about preparing for the future. Although IoT has completely changed the face of Information Technology, it has definitely created job opportunities for job seekers in marketing.

IOT Training institution


IOT Training Institution

Current JOB Roles for IoT Professionals

Which field do you need to land a job in IoT? The answer would be many. IoT works on many layers, software plays a major role in usability and also the functionality. Network layers are important to infrastructure and hardware represents capabilities and development possibilities associated in an IoT solution. Existing professionals with transferable skills will definitely find progression opportunities in IoT, the IoT is based on many technologies that IT professionals are already familiar with.

IT experts, both software and hardware engineers and even UI designers could find themselves to fit in somewhere in the industry. These companies could be ranging from startups to tech giants that are driving the industry. But with various domains that have adopted the potential usage of industrial IoT, it has lead to massive job creation. But unlike the other fields, the IoT job market is a complex one giving the wide variety of skill sets required in this field.

According to this viewpoint,

It is the fastest growing technology. IoT Certification Course is one of the hottest topics. IoT has great influence in the field such as IT, Computer Science, Electronics, etc. Livewire helps to build your career by providing special education course for beginners. As this course follows a form of Classroom Training, each candidate can grasp all knowledge in an easier manner when compared to other training institutions.

 Best  IOT Course in Kerala with advanced technological attributes of basic electronics, microcontroller architectures, sensors, IoT architecture and also the communication protocols.


What is an IoT Platform?

An IoT Platform is a set of components that allow developers to Deploy Apps, Remote Data Collection, Secure Connectivity, Device/Sensor MGMT.

Here is a list of top Internet Of Things Platforms.

Why Learn IoT?

The Internet Of Things (IoT) refers to the use of intelligently connected devices and systems to leverage data collected by embedded sensors and actuators in machines and different physical objects. Internet of things expected to spread rapidly over the coming years and this convergence will unleash a new dimension of services that improve the quality of life of consumers and productivity of enterprises.

Internet of Things, the next big technology revolution after the discovery of the Internet. It may probably lead to the progress of millions of lives throughout the world. As predicted by CISCO, over 50 million devices are supposed to be connected to IoT by 2020.

Consider anything like Healthcare, Logistics, Aviation, Education, Information Technology, IoT will become a fundamental part of all these. Internet of Things supposed to bring about the manner which will ultimately gather into growing the Internet of Everything.

Hence IoT has become a leading interest of technologists worldwide and considered as the NEXT BIG THING in the IT industry. By studying this IoT course will not only provide you with a career boost. You will also be capable of gaining a deep view of how technology has changed the world and will remain to do so in the upcoming decades.

Who should go for Certified IoT Training?

This IoT Certification Training on Livewire is for all the experts who are passionate about the profession with IoT devices and want to go forward and also make their career as an IoT Developer.

Students who need IoT knowledge, Software Developers who are trying into IoT space, Solution Architects, Technical Architects, Business Executives and also Managers who want to understand IoT. With an increase in the number of connected devices, IoT has ventured successfully in domains and seen a rapid progression. There have also been exceptional efforts by the Government and private corporations to establish smart cities in India resulting in demand for IoT professionals. India is quickly becoming one of the largest hubs for IoT across the globe. Companies are seeing IoT as a key enabler in various fields and are open to integrating it into existing infrastructure.

As the adoption of IoT has increased. IoT market also expected to increase quite exponentially. Now the median salary for IoT professionals is 15.2 lakhs per annum which are according to 2017 studies. Compared to 8.65 lakh per annum, in the IT sector gives about 76% more for IOT professionals. IoT is a relatively new entrant thus tends to pay higher salaries to professionals in this area. This number is projected to go up as much as 17.5 lakh by 2019.

IOT Training Institution

Approximately 212 billion devices will be connected by the Internet of Things. By 2020, which includes 30 billion connected devices. These applications include the electric vehicle and the smart house, in which appliances and services that give notifications, security, energy-saving, automation, telecommunication, computers, and entertainment will be combined into a unique ecosystem with a shared user interface.

Examples of the Internet of Things

We’ve looked at a number of examples of the Internet of Things, so what is the common thread that binds them together? And why the name? All the cases here used the Internet to send, receive, or communicate information. And in each case, the gadget that was internet connection wasn’t a computer, tablet, or mobile phone but an object, a thing.

These things are created for a mission: the umbrella has a retractable cover and a handle to hold it. A bus display has to be clear to public transport users, including the elderly and partially sighted. The sports bracelet is an easy wearable while running. It has a large and bright display, which is enough to read even when you are moving. It will survive heat, cold, sweat, and rain.

A perfect platform for job seekers

So while IoT is supposed to be the next great boom in the field of jobs. Lack of skill is the biggest barrier for companies that are looking to implement this technology. To be considered for any of the roles mentioned earlier, the qualifications you need are no different than an IT development role. Proficiency in coding and fundamental in object design are at least required for your resume to be looked at.

But the skills you need here are way more than that. Businesses who engaged in IoT technologies are businesses that invested in the future.

They are seeking forward-thinking professionals who not only need standards in academics but also have soft skills and innovative thinking. People who can integrate deep knowledge in embedded technologies and concepts of cloud computing and edge computing. These people are the most demanded professionals. Finally, we need professionals who can convey a complex idea in simple ways, either speech, written communications or other abstract methods.

IoT job market

So the IoT job market is the perfect platform for job seekers to showcase their skills and for companies to establish relationships with these professionals. So this is the best time to get into this technology. And who better to guide you than the IoT trainers at Livewire. So Livewire provides an IoT certification training and outline of the syllabus looks something like this.

IoT is amidst an explosion, this definitely suggests an optimistic future for professionals who were looking to dive into this industry. We help you to kickstart your career.

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