Will the INTERNET OF THINGS Ever Rule the World?

IoT training

Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming the digital revolution in the entire world. Begin your successful career by joining our IOT certification Course. Before getting started, have a look at what IoT actually is.

There’s quite a bit of confusion around the Internet of Things (IoT).

What is it exactly? Is it something that needs to use in my daily life? If so, how? And the benefits? The uncertainties? How do I get started learning IoT?

Because IoT is such a large concept and there has been so much noise associated with it in the past few years, it’s easy to dismiss it all as hype. But make no mistake, IoT is a powerful, long-term approach that every business will need to leverage to succeed in the future.

We won’t be able to answer all the questions posed above, but this IoT Training is intended to equip you with a solid foundation in the Internet of Things. You’ll have a much better handle on what IoT means and how you might be able to use it to build a new career, to launch a new business line in your present company, or to simply upgrade your internal processes and operations.

IOT Certification Course

At Livewire, we are active to elaborating human potential and we strongly believe that everyone is made better by simply sharing knowledge, so we’ve designed this real-time internet of things certification training for you. We’ve seen firsthand that many organizations don’t know enough to even begin asking the right questions, and so we hope to narrow that education gap. And we’re well-positioned to do that. Let’s get into it!

The “things” in the Internet of Things are the common objects in our house. Each of these object is connected to the internet. So that they combine together to form the Internet of Things.

LIVEWIRE provides industry-level training and globally recognized Job Oriented Courses and certifications. We are the best in IOT classroom training content delivered by the certified expert trainers. Our IoT certification course gives each candidate better job opportunities and keeps their skills high.

Our IOT course introduce the concepts of different standards, functionalities, and technologies. It will make you an expert in using IoT and grasp complete knowledge of its applications and connectivity methodologies.

The Internet-of-Things is, maybe, one of the fastest expanding enterprises now. We see connected things in our homes, vehicles, and offices, and they are getting even smarter and more efficient.  Additionally, IoT innovation is making fascinating combinations with other advanced areas, such as artificial intelligence or blockchain.

The word “Internet of Things” is problematic because when a common man hears that word he thinks that it’s simply means connecting things. Actually, it doesn’t make any sense. Consider a case in which you are connecting a fan with the internet which doesn’t produce any benefit, yet if the thing provides any service to us then it will be a benefit to mankind.

Learning IOT: gearing up for a connected tomorrow

Most of the common people who are interested to learn IoT wonders that they should study to prepare well for a career in the Internet of Things . There is no doubt that IoT certified professionals will be in high demand, as over the past years IoT brings not only a big change in business model, culture, and technology for established manufacturers, but also for all other players in the future IoT arena. Still, the question remains: Which are IoT career skills?

From learning the technical difficulties …

In terms of a technical point of view, the IoT is an interesting though challenging stack. Designers need to deal with things, with mechanical issues, for example, vibration, warm pressure, and substantially more. In several cases, things include sensors, microprocessors, communication modules, and other electronics. Each such thing is a huge play area for professional designers. At the next level of the technology stack, you will face many different IoT Communication Protocols ‐ Wired, Wireless, Application, Transport Layer, and so on.

And this inturn reaches out to the server back end of an IoT solution – where databases, server infrastructures, authentication mechanisms, and machine learning algorithms provide keen engineers with challenging tasks. Finally, we need to have a proper user front end on PCs, Android, or iOS devices. These aspects include a bunch of different programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, to HTML5, PHP, etc.

… to designing IoT business models

For electronic and computing engineers the Internet of Things market opens a new opportunity and Livewire is focusing on education by training current students that will be the future leaders in the sector. Our IoT certification course focuses more on the employability factor.

Due to the growing requirement of IoT solutions, our IoT certification course objective is to cover the gap between IoT organizations and the practical information of future designers that are studying today Computing or Electronic Engineering.

What will be the future of IoT specialists?

Hence, what open doors are there for youngsters who want a career in the Internet of Things

  •       IoT Architect
  •       Industrial Engineer
  •       Industrial Data Scientists
  •       IoT Product Managers
  •       Material specialist
  •       Embedded Engineer
  •       Network Engineer
  •       Cloud Engineer
  •       Data Scientist
  •       Data Visualization expert
  •       UI Engineer
  •       Data architect
  •       Programmer
  •       Test engineers
  •       Instrumentation Engineers


IOT, the new tide of connectivity is going through PCs and smartphones, it’s going towards vehicles, smart homes, smart wearables, smart offices, smart cities etc. Completely a life in a connected world. As indicated by the Gartner report, by 2020 connected things across all innovations will reach 20.6 billion. Woah! that is a great number.

The Internet of Things is a challenge for the business, as billions of items will be linked soon. It’s a remarkable issue in IT field too. By combining objects together, it will be able to gather information about groups that will better grasp our general surroundings, to make it more intelligent and progressively controllable.

Be that as it may, it’s a major test for the whole business, yet in addition for the information security specialists, as the application of this information can be made at the expense of citizens.

So you think you want to enhance your knowledge of the Internet of Things?

Be ready for this great opportunity. Join our IoT certification course In Trivandrum now.

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