Embedded systems are an inevitable component of our everyday lives. We interact with thousands of embedded systems in our day to day life.  As our world has become much more complex, so have the capabilities of the microcontrollers embedded into our devices. Therefore the world needs a trained workforce and engineers to develop and manage products based on embedded systems. Embedded systems certification is the best way for this. Livewire Thrissur provides Embedded systems certification  through an embedded systems training course


An embedded system is a combination of both software and hardware, fixed in capability or programmable, designed for specific functions within a larger system. Embedded systems provides a real-time output on the basis of various characteristics of the system. Embedded system is a way of working, organizing, performing single or multiple tasks according to a set of rules. In embedded systems, all units assemble and work together according to the program assigned to it.

The important characteristics of an embedded system are speed, size, power, reliability, accuracy, adaptability. When embedded systems operate at high speed it can be used for real-time applications. If the size and power consumption of the system is very low, then the system can be easily adaptable for different situations. The failure of the proper working of an embedded system can have serious consequences including the loss of life, and thus reliability and precision are vital.


Embedded systems have industrial, automotive, medical, consumer, commercial, and military applications. So there is a lot of chances and a lot to achieve in this field. The household appliances such as microwave ovens, dishwashers, and washing machines, include embedded systems to provide flexibility, efficiency, and other features. Embedded systems are used in sectors like transportation, medical, safety and security and fire safety applications. Embedded systems can be isolated from hacking and makes it more reliable connected to wired or wireless networks via on-chip 3G cellular or other methods using  IoT monitoring and control purposes.

So, considering the current situation there is a lot to do in the field of embedded systems.  Every product designed today will have at least one microcontroller in it. Most of the products that we use will fall in the category of embedded systems. This shows the increase in the scope of embedded systems in the world.



Embedded systems training gives an in-depth knowledge about the pin description, architecture, and Interfacing of the microcontroller with various input and output peripherals. Embedded systems training enables the candidate to get exposure to different types of Microcontroller, their architecture and Interfacing with other devices. It makes them more efficient to build projects based on Microcontrollers. The course provides proficiency in C language and is a hands-on hardware platform. Embedded systems training includes the study of microcontrollers like 8051, PIC 16F and PIC 18F, AVR and ARM7. It also provides an understanding of the serial communication protocols like I2C, SPI & CAN.

Embedded systems training at Livewire in Thrissur is the best-embedded systems course in Kerala. Livewire Thrissur,  as an experienced embedded system training institute in Kerala, provides embedded systems certification courses. They also provide a certification course on IoT training, Network Security, Machine learning training.

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