Stream / Industrial Automation

webinar on PLC and SCADA

The webinar will cover the following areas Agenda: Factors working behind an engineers employability Scope & Future of Industrial Automation Types of Industries using PLC & SCADA Live Software Demo on Industrial Applications Career Benefits

Stream / Software Development

Doing Python the Django way

Django is a top-level Python Web framework helps swift development, clean and sensible design. It has the ability to ease the hassle of web development. Thus, many companies and websites are using this Python web framework because it performs brilliantly not only for the start-ups but also for the full-blown companies. This webinar will help you understand, What is Django as a web development framework? How it works? Who uses it? Future of Django.

Stream / Software Development

Python for Beginners

Python is a simple and powerful programming language. It has efficient high-level data structures and effective approach towards object-oriented programming. It can be used for everything from software development, web development, Data Analytics and scientific applications. This webinar will give you complete clarity about Python as a programming language and how this can be a better career option.