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OrCAD PSpice (20 Hours)

What's the course about

PSpice is a SPICE analog circuit and digital logic simulation program. PSpice processes circuits and executes simulation. PSpice creates an output file to store the simulation results. PSpice supports the following types of analyses: DC Analysis - for circuits with time-invariant sources. It calculates all nodal voltages and branch currents over a range of values; Transient Analysis - for circuits with time variant sources. It calculates all nodes voltages and branch currents over a time interval and their instantaneous values are the outputs; and AC Analysis - for small signal analysis of circuits with sources of varying frequencies. It calculates the magnitudes and phase angles of all nodal voltages and branch currents over a range of frequencies.

Course objectives

The course deals with PSpice netlist creation, circuit simulation, analysis and design validation of analogue, digital and mixed signal circuits and with design optimization techniques. It trains students to analyze and explore circuit performance and functional relationships with "what if" scenarios and simulate complex mixed-signal designs.

Key course content

  • Design Rule Check (DRC)
  • PSpice Netlist creation
  • Stimulus Editor
  • Bias point Analysis
  • Transient Analysis1
  • DC sweep Analysis
  • AC sweep Analysis
  • Parametric Analysis
  • Temperature sweep analysis
  • Monte Carlo/Worst case Analysis
  • Macros

Who can enroll

Students pursuing their Bachelors, Diploma or Masters in ECE, EEE, E&I and industry professionals.

Job opportunities

Embedded Engineer - PCB Analog & Digital, Power Electronics Engineer, Embedded Hardware Designer, Design Engineer - PCB, Technical Lead - PCB Layout, Design Engineer - Electronics, Project Leader - Electronics, Hardware Engineer, Lead Engineer - Motor Design are some of the jobs available for students at electronic and hardware manufacturing companies.

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