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OrCAD PCB Editor (48 Hours)

What's the course about

Virtually every electronic product is constructed with one or more printed-circuit boards (PCBs). The PCBs hold the ICs and other components and implement the interconnections between them. The ideal PCB design starts with the discovery that a PCB is needed and continues through the final production boards. OrCAD PCB Editor contains full-featured PCB editor based on Allegro technology. Its extensive feature set addresses a wide range of today's design challenges and manufacturability concerns such as intelligent placement and routing, constraint management, creating dynamic shapes, and design reuse.

Course objective

The course equips students in the area of design implementation for multi-layer PCBs, various aspects of routing, scripting, component placement, spacing constraints and manufacturing file creation using PCB Editor. It teaches how to maximize productivity with interactive etch editing; ensure rules compliance, reduce errors and improve product quality with advanced 3D design, and create dynamic shapes, and reuse or retarget circuity from the same design or across designs.

Key course contents

  • Schematic Modification for PCB Design
  • Design Rule Check
  • Pad Designer
  • Package Symbol & Package symbol wizard
  • Netlist creation
  • Component and board placement
  • Mechanical symbol palcement
  • Manual and Automatic routing
  • Constraint Manager and Xsection
  • Blind, Buried and through-hole VIA
  • Copper shaping
  • Artwork/Gerber file creation
  • Plot Generation
  • PCB Fabrication Process

Who can enroll

Students pursuing their Bachelors, Diploma or Masters in ECE, EEE, E&I and industry professionals.

Job opportunities

PCB Editor, Design Engineer - PCB, Technical Lead - PCB Layout, Design Engineer - Electronics, Project Leader - Electronics, Hardware Engineer, Lead Engineer - Motor Design are some of the jobs available for students at electronic and hardware manufacturing companies.

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