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Network Security (40 Hours)

What’s the course about

Network security is concerned with granting access to a network to the authorized users, and denying access to a network by the unauthorized users. It encompasses the actions to prevent attacks from viruses, worms, and Trojan horses; spyware and adware; zero-day/zero-hour attacks; hacker attacks; denial of service attacks; data interception and theft, and identity theft. A network security consists of many hardware and software components.

Course objective

The course teaches students the three important network security measures: 1) how to protect vital information and allowing access to them only to authorized users, 2) provide authentication and access control for resources, and 3) guarantee availability of resources - computers, servers, and other devices. It teaches students all key network security tools such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, ingress filtering, IDS, IPSec, encryption (SSH, SSL, HTTPS).

Key course contents

  • Fundamentals of Network Security & types of Security Threats
  • Securing Management Plane - AAA using ACS Server, RBAC
  • Firewall Technologies - Zone based firewall
  • Adaptive Security Appliance(ASA)
  • IPsec Site-to-site VPN and Remote Access VPN ‒ Clientless and AnyConnect VPN
  • Layer 2 attacks - Port Security, VLAN Security and Mitigation Procedures
  • Intrusion Prevention System Deployment
  • Email-based and Web based threats


Network Engineering Routing & Switching

Job opportunities

Major job providers for network security professionals are financial institutions and banks, internet service providers, pharmaceutical companies, government and defense agencies, and multinational corporations. Administrator - Network & Security, Network Security Engineer, Technology Expert - Network Security, Network Security Analyst, Network Security Specialist, and Network Security Manager are some of the popular job openings in this domain.

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