IT infrastructure management is becoming one of the fastest growing services in the market.
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IT Infrastructure Management - A booming career

IT Infrastructure Management is achieving more value since the "Business Aligned IT" vision started taking place in the business world. Every business requires the best-in-class infrastructure to develop, manage and maintain the complex applications and execute and deliver them to the end users in the eco-system of businesses. This whole process requires a good understanding of a team which has perfection in the technical as well as business field.

Rise of infrastructure management

The IT infrastructure management is becoming one of the fastest growing services in the market. According to the latest Nasscom report, "Global RIM industry grew at more than 80 per cent CAGR from $2 billion in 2006 to $6 to 7 billion in 2008". The IT infrastructure services require experienced yet cheap labor; hence, it is becoming a perk for RIM vendors.

Current IT infrastructure trends

According to the recent survey by one of the leading analysis firms (like Gartner), some trends, that are taking place in business management, came in light:

  • Tablets replacing computers: Computers are not replaced completely; however, the tablets and IPads are becoming an essential part of every organization with their specific applications.
  • No more service helpdesk: Everything you need to know about is available on internet in the form of blogs or videos to help you out which is removing the traditional helpdesk system.
  • IT complexity: The technical advancements are also increasing the complexity of the IT management.
  • Storage of a large amount of data: With the increment of data the storage facility is coming in the trend, a lot of companies are focusing on larger storing devices.

Perks of IT infrastructure management

There are some reasons behind the boom of the IT infrastructure services:

  • Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership - As the IT infrastructure resources are merged and shared within the organization virtually (like file servers, email server or web servers etc.) it reduces the total cost of ownership.
  • Better data security as combined IT infrastructure resources are less susceptible to theft and loss
  • Improved capability to apply internal controls and fulfill other supervisory requirements.

The IT infrastructure management is becoming a trend, and with it the requirement of the IT managers are also increasing.

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