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Bookish knowledge does not make any graduate able to put his/her maximum output in terms of their career. For a 100% output one needs to have the core industrial experience in their respective fields. As the saying goes, "Experience is the teacher of all things", which means that even on having a 100% result in the academics a graduate is 100% job ready only if he/she carries the apt experience in their respective fields, either through internship programs or through valid industrial experiences.

Here is where we come across the benefits of undertaking an internship program. An internship can be defined as a graduate or any student working in an organisation as a trainee with all industrial real time experience and following all the legal formalities who may or may not be rewarded with a considerable amount of stipend.

Above all in every other industry or department a graduate can easily approach for his/her training or internship purpose. But this is not the case with the IT department, as they and their work seems to be critically hectic saturated with all sought of targets and other work-pressures. Thus proceeding to such an environment for training or other needs like internship is pretty tough to be accomplished, even if completed the students need not be fully satisfied with the training they are provided with also they wouldn't have got a stage to learn and absorb the required skills.

We at Livewire put before you a premium opportunity to do your internship in the IT courses with the highlighting feature that we use real time application for our students/trainees so as to provide them with the most recent technological updates used in the industry and thus make them apt for career.


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