Industrial Automation

Every industry is challenged to work for survival in the competitive world. Automation is the main advantage and benefit, which helps them to save energy, material and human's effort. On the other hand, Automation helps them to increase the improved quality, precision and accuracy.

In today’s world most of the companies have increase their investment in automation plant this results in the increases the requirement of engineers who have the ability to work on PLC, SCADA, ETAP and so on. Livewire experts designed the various automation course by keeping in mind the need of industry requirements.

Industrial automation is the use of control system for handling different machineries and processes in an industry to replace a human being.

IT Infrastructure Management

Skills expected to start your career in automation field

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Benefits of learning Industrial Automation
  • Platform to get exposed to multiple disciplines of Engineering
  • It serves as a brilliant exposure to help you identity your field of Interest
  • Helps in identifying your specialization for high studies.
  • You get a Certification of appreciation which gives a better edge among others
  • Instead of relying on Enable them to think and build their own projects
Benefits of learning Industrial Automation in LIVEWIRE
  • Hands on experience on industry standard tools, processes and systems
  • Real-time learning application
  • Increases Employability Skills
  • Better exposure to industrial work flow
  • Acquiring competitive edge by having a firm hold on the Industrial Environment
Structure of Industrial Automation

  • Sensor level
  • Automation control level
  • Supervision level
  • Enterprise level