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Python training in Trivandrum

We all know that Python is a general-purpose language which can be used strongly in Data Science. The best Python training institute is situated Kanhangad.  Called Livewire training institute. Livewire provide the most efficient training in Python. And also get more Pratical section in Python Programming. Livewire offering real time python projects which help students to acquire the right knowledge in Python Language. And also make Easy for Students. To starting a programme , Developers need different types of tools. Is that true?

Yes. So, Here mentioned for you some of the tools that will help you get started and if you already have, this might boost you up.Start with best Python Training in Trivandrum

Python tools for Visual Studio

Python tools for Visual Studio is an open source plugin that turns Visual Studio into a Python IDE, the official web page says. Now you’ll be asking yourself a question. First, why? And then How? Is that correct? Don’t worry, There is an answer those both questions. It supports from CPython and IronPython to IPython. And other features such as IntelliSense, profiling, debugging, mixed C++/Python debugging, and more. About how to install Python tools for Visual Studio, Stay with us.

Python Training in Kanhangad
Get Python Tools Window

First, open Visual Studio and start new project from File>New Project and under Python you will see Get Python Tools for Visual Studio.Then, Click on that and follow the instructions. As you download python tools for visual studio and install it, restart Visual Studio and go to the same location as before and now you will see number of different project types that you can select instead of the link to get python tools.

Python tools for automation testing

Every Software Development group tests its products however, software which is being delivered always has flaws.Test Engineers try to catch as many as bugs as possible and even after fixing it they often reappear, even if the testing was done by best manual testing processes. That’s why Test Automation Software is the robust way to increase productivity and coverage of your software. Because of course, machines have patience when it comes to repeating same task thousand times, while we humans haven’t. Let’s look at some of the best Python Automation Tools or as some may like to call it best automation testing tool using Python.


Selenium is presumably the best automation framework for Web Applications out there, and it is open-source, Other reasons behind it’s emerging popularity are: First, you can write test scripts in any of these languages which include such as Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl and [dot]net. Second, you can carry out test in either of the three major operating systems: Windows, macOS or Linux. Third, tests can be carried out from any browser, which includes Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer , Chrome and Opera.

Robot Framework

Its another open-source framework is Robot framework, initially developed in 2005 by Nokia Networks, is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATTD). Thus, It provides several frameworks for different test automation need. But it’s capabilities can be further extended by implementing additional libraries using Python or Java.

Test Complete

Test automation software for web and mobile. But Test Complete goes beyond that, it supports web, mobile as well as desktop automation testing. However, to use this you have to acquire a commercial licence. It supports various scripting languages such as Python, VBScript, and C++ script. This tool also offers easy-to-use record & playback feature.

Python tools for Machine Learning

While others may debate over which is the better language for Data Science: R or Python. Python is emerging as the most favourable language for Data Science because of the libraries it has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Python Training in Kanhangad

Python for Machine Learning and Data Science mainly uses libraries to perform the operations. It is specifically designed for functionalities like image processing and Machine Learning. In regard to Machine Learning, it is one of the most prominent packages to date. It includes packages for such as classification, clustering, regression, pre-processing, and many more.


Python Training in Kanhangad

It is the another great library which mainly aims on statistical models and used for exploratory analysis. The Statistical tests it provides are quite comprehensive and cover most of the cases. If by any chance you are a R user, it also provides support for R syntax for some of its stats models. In addition to that, it also accepts Numpy arrays as well as Pandas data-frames for its models.

PyMC –It mainly includes Bayesian models but also supports by providing statistical distributions and diagnostic tools. It includes some hierarchical models as well.

Theano –Theano is a package that defines multi-dimensional arrays which is similar to NumPy, along with math operations and expressions. So, Originally developed by the Machine Learning group of Université de Montréal, it is primarily used for the needs of Machine Learning. Also, the library is compiled, making it run efficiently on all architectures. The library also optimizes the use of GPU and CPU and also making the performance of data-intensive computation even faster.

Python Training in Trivandrum

If you are completely new, and if you are struggling to install and configure Python on your system, start with Python Training in Trivandrum. While you learn the basics and then return to the install process later on. It is a full-fledged Python environment that runs in your web browser.

In Conclusion, Python is a great language to start with if you haven’t started any yet. These are the tools that can get you started but are not limited to. There are thousands more just like this, better than this or under development. Hence, Python Course assists you in familiar with these tools.

If you have any other tool that is as important as these ones, do let us know in the comments and we’ll try to cover it in the next relative post.

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