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In a constantly changing world, it is important for organizations and companies to choose utilities that perfectly goes along with their aspirations. For companies involved in software development, choosing an ideal programming language is one of the most crucial decisions. Python Training In Thane is the best choice.

The language chosen needs to be ideal for the product in hand, and also needs to be one that won’t be blown apart in the near future. For most top companies, python is that language. Let us take a look at the top 10 companies using Python in 2019 at present. This will further establish the importance of undergoing python training in reputed institutes like Livewire Thane & Dombivili.

Python Programming Training In Thane

Python Training In Thane

Python is one of the high-level dynamic programming languages widely used now. It created in 1989 by Guido Van Rossum. It officially released to the public in the year 1991, and there has been no turning back since. For those curious about the name, it adopted from a famous comedy series of the 1970’s – Monty Python’s Flying Circus’.

One distinct feature of the language is that it is readable compared with other ones. The lack of semi-colons and braces make it simpler than most languages. Another important feature is that it is platform independent. It can work on Windows, Linux, or any other platform.

Above all, one of the most important reasons for students to learn python training in 2019 is that it is widely used in the latest technologies. Emerging technologies like Data Science, Big Data, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc all make use of python language for programming. And so, there are plenty of companies using Python since they are involved in these technologies.

Top 10 Companies Using PYTHON in 2019

Python Training In Thane


Google is undoubtedly one of the top companies currently in the world. The search engine of Google has become an integral part of our life. It is the first search engine that shifted towards using Python. The fact that Python can easily work along with other languages made it an easy decision. Even recently, Python changed its web crawlers from Java to Python, implying the importance of the language. It is also one of the languages in which Google gives online tutorial for budding developers.


Facebook is a giant among social media organizations. Python integrated into the system much later on Facebook. Currently, millions of lines of codes written in Python. After PHP and C++, Python is the most used language on Facebook. The presence of huge libraries and frameworks helps the engineers greatly to reduce the complexity and to work efficiently. Python helps them to manage and maintain the infrastructure of the system.

Python is responsible for many services including network switch up and imaging, service turn-ups, hardware issues, testing & repair management, schedule maintenance work, etc. 


Instagram was one of the very first companies to completely shift towards Django for their web development. Django is a web framework. Fully written with Python programming language. The whole of its infrastructure developed using the framework of Django Python.

Recently, they have even upgraded from Python 2.7 to Python 3.

It is said that Instagram chose Python as the integral language since it shadows its own engineering policy of “do the simple things first”.


Spotify is a familiar name to all music lovers. The music streaming service app is a giant in its field of technology. They make use of Python primarily for data analysis and back end functions. Python can be used as a pivotal back end language since plenty of libraries are available for the developers to properly utilize. It uses Luigi, a model of Python, that can easily sync with Hadoop.


Another giant organization in vehicle service is Uber. It is not surprising to know that Python is used in such a company since numerous complicated calculations need to be done constantly. For mathematical calculations, developers generally prefer Python. Apart from Python, they also make use of Javascript. 


Similar to Spotify, Netflix makes use of Python primarily for data analysis works. Another interesting aspect of Netflix is that it allows programmers to choose the language of their own to code in, and there has been a huge surge in Python developers.


Quora is a question and answer platform. And is being used by millions all over the world. At the time, the founders of Quora chose Python over C# and Java due to important reasons. C# was avoided because they didn’t want to heavily depend on another organization(Microsoft) and Java was avoided since it was far too complicated.


The cloud-based storage system uses Python extensively. In fact, you might be surprised to know that Dropbox brought in Guido Van Rossum to their mix in 2012 in a move that surprised many. Their client-side programs are predominantly coded in Python due to its platform independence.


Reddit was initially written in Lisp. But within a span of 6 months, it was rewritten in Python due to its enhanced set of libraries. The readability factor also played a major role in deciding Python over other languages.


Like its parent company Google, Youtube also makes use of Python for its development. The major reason that Youtube makes use of Python is that it is easier to implement new ideas and for it to respond quickly.

Best Python Programming Training Course in Thane & Dombivili

From above, we can easily understand Python is pivotal in this world. The major companies are shifting towards Python due to its numerous advantages. This is why students must undergo a python training course in premier institutes like Livewire Thane – Dombivili.

The coursework consists of the basics to the complex practical topics that ensure that a student will easily be able to integrate into a job in any organization. The coursework is designed by industry experts in such a way that it is highly job oriented. Apart from the Python Training course, Livewire Thane – Dombivili also has courses on Machine learning, etc.

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