Python Certification Course An essential for programmers.

Python, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning together the right combination.

The most happening advancements in the world of technology being the Big Data analysis, Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence have definitely fuelled the demand for Python Language.

By 2019 Python is completing 30 years and is by now the most demanded and paid profile compared to any other language. Even though the language started being extensively used for web development, application development, game development etc. it has become indispensable for many future technologies like AI, Big Data etc. Let’s know why… 

Popular Facts about Python:

Python the object-oriented, interpreted and most popular language of today. Why? One reason being the ease of learning and applying the language. It has made programming not only possible for all but also an easy job because of its simple syntax and readability. The language is not only the friendliest for beginners but also being applied for advance projects too.

The Technical Edge:

  • Python is a cross-platform language .i.e. it supports many Operating systems like Windows, Linux, Macintosh the same code could be run on multiple platforms without much recompiling.
  • Python’s wide external library is yet another attraction. Each library in Python contains a wide range of modules that are useful for everyday programming. With such a powerful tool in hand, the programmers can easily automate routine tasks and concentrate more on the challenging and fun part.
  • Python offers a list of the framework at your disposition like Django, Flask, Pylons etc. Python language with the Django framework is becoming more and more popular day by day. A few sites using them are YouTube, DropBox, Google, Quora, Instagram, Yahoo Maps etc.
  • . It allows them to focus on solutions for the issues rather than the technology behind it. While trying new ideas in AI and Machine Learning generally requires implementing complicated algorithms, so more transparent the language the easier it is to run through and fix bugs. So developers can spend less time on the language and more on the algorithms.
  • Python scripting language is pretty strict and consistent. It is easily readable by all and thereby helps to share the math and algorithms rather than keep reinventing the wheel.
Python Course

How would you prefer to learn Python?

Having said all about the program and the demand it being the most demanded skill for aspiring developers and programmers, the next most important step is to learn Python language. There are numerous online and offline classes for Python. Would you prefer an online tutorial or classroom training depends on your requirements?

Here are a few points to consider:

Online tutorial classes might be more generic and would progress in a particular fashion covering all basics first so how long would you endure it till you get to the practical part. You might end up learning the syntax for months before you actually get to do data analyzing or web creation (the fun part). So, in that case, classroom training could be more effective as they cater to your needs and provide hands on. Here the trainer is in with you and can analyze and provide you with projects to work on along with the theory. This helps to keep your motivation to learn intact and speeds up the process on a whole.

Learn Python Course From Scratch

Learning Python from scratch is essential as the foundation, we all would agree, is important. But by attending training in an institute you get to do projects on your areas of interest like Data science, Games, Website etc with proper guidance which comes in handy at the start. Time spent on basics like learning syntax could be kept minimal this way as they can be referred to anytime you want. Later on, once you are confident to work on your own projects you can also get help from the trainer in case you are stuck somewhere with programming issues or debugging errors.

While approaching an Institute for Python training you can also have a choice of doing a basic training course on a specific area of interest and later on decide to have a Python full course. Python language is ever evolving so a little guidance in time would always help. Most people need to learn Python fast as the requirement is ever increasing so an organized classroom training with an experienced trainer would definitely be better.

Career opportunities:

Given all these attributes Python ranks almost the top in the highest paying programming languages. Python programmers are among the highest paid in the field of Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development etc. The other reason for its popularity being 40+ companies adopting Python for their IT project and is now used in many leading companies like Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix etc. Python has been in demand ever since its entry in the 1990s and is still climbing high. So Python certification has become a basic requirement for all aspiring web developers, data scientists, statisticians etc. 

Python Certification Course

Job Profiles you can look at:

  • Software Engineer
  • Python Developer
  • Research Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Developer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Research Assistant
  • Web Developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer

So MNC’s all over the globe are in need of trained and skilled Python professionals. Your dream career, be it as a freelancer or with a reputed company is bound to soar high with a Python certification.$116,379would be the average Python Developer Salary compared to other programming languages. The average salary for a Python Developer is ₹ 4,48,089 per year in India.

Expert Training in Python Certification Course:

Livewire Training Institute provides the best Python Training Course in Kerala. Our experienced and certified Python trainers provide complete training in Python from scratch or as per your requirement. Our training modules include hands-on projects and up to date technical theoretical classes. The Job Oriented Courses certification from Livewire is government approved and  Livewire is an NSDC approved training partner. Livewire in association with SBI can provide you SKILL loans too. 

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