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Python is a multi-paradigm programming language that has been developed over the years to be a more user-friendly alternative to other languages like Java, C etc. Lately it has become highly popular with programmers worldwide and for good reason. We, at Livewire Marathahalli, one of the best training institutes in Bangalore will tell you the importance of Python and the need for budding developers to undergo Python certification course.

History of Python

Guido van Rossum started developing Python in the late 1980s and finally started implementing it in 1989. Initially, it was thought of as an upgrade to ABC language with some new features like exception handling. The name got inspired from a famous comedy show of the 1970’s ‘Monty Python’.

There have been many subsequent upgrades to the language, most notably the Python 2.0 in 2000 and Python 3.0 in 2008.

Importance of Learning Python

Python is one of the most user-friendly languages available right now. It is one of the major reasons why its popularity is still rising every year. The syntax is comparatively easier than other programming languages, which makes it ideal for a beginner. And there are a lot of external libraries present to make your work easier.

Python Course in Livewire Ayyappankavu, Ernakulam

Another advantage that Python has over other languages is that it is compatible with other operating systems and platforms. Since it is an interpreted language, it gives you the power to run programs on different platforms without recompiling.

Since it is open source, almost everyone prefers Python over others. Reducing costs is after a primary motive of every business. And since its open source, there is a large community present to improve the language and remove any disparities present within. There are also a huge number of frameworks and tools designed for specific needs.

Above all, these are precisely why students should do a python certification course at premier institutes like Livewire Marathahalli, Bangalore.

Career Opportunities

One important factor we take into account before learning anything new nowadays is its viability in the job market. Python is one of the most in-demand skills in the market today. And it is not a surprise to know that lucrative salaries are offered to those well-versed with the basics of the language.

Since Python is prominent in a variety of fields, there will never come a time where there is a drop in the requirement of Python programmers. One can be sure of the fact that a Python course from reputed training institutes like Livewire Marathahalli will be a fruitful one.

Future of Python

If there is one programming language out there, we can be assured of being in-demand in the nearby future, it is surely Python. There are plenty of reasons behind it:

  • The increasing use of Python by major companies. Google, Quora, Dropbox, Instagram are just a few examples of the companies using Python in their development framework. These are some companies that are immensely popular now. Hence, we can be sure of the fact Python will sustain along with them.
  • Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Science are some of the latest trends in the market today. A common factor among them is Python. Python is a defining factor in the development of algorithms in these fields. These technologies are only in the beginner stages, and will only become even more popular.
  • Data Analysis: Python is the most prominent language used for data manipulation and visualization. It is not a surprise to note that Data Science is entirely dependent on Python for almost all its tasks. The field of data science has risen to prominence in the near future. Above all, more and more people are becoming interested in the subject, which also assures you good job prospects.
  • Web development has become a pivotal factor nowadays with the advent of digital marketing. Every company, be it a small startup or a multi-national organization, has a website. The number one framework currently in use for web development is the Django framework. So we can be sure of the fact that as long as Django is flourishing, Python will still be around as well.
  • And not to forget, Networking is another area in which Python is leading the way. For various networking related processes, people have created libraries and tools exclusively in Python.

Python Certification Course by Livewire Marathahalli, Bangalore

In short, Python is one of the most favourite programming languages present. Due to its versatility and robustness, it has become a firm favourite among both the budding developers and experienced campaigners. Various tools are coming up in automation, big data, data manipulation, web development that rely entirely on Python. Rest assured, the future of python is safe for at least 5 to 10 years from now.

Livewire Marathahalli provides you with everything needed to be an expert in Python programming through this course. It will cover not just the basics but also the advanced programming concepts that will guarantee a job.

To know more about the advantages of Python and the future of Python programming, take a look at these articles written by Livewire Ambernath and Livewire Thrissur respectively. As you can understand, there won’t be any stopping, if you become an expert in Python. And that is exactly what you will achieve by doing a certification course in Python from Livewire Marathahalli, Bangalore. Apart from Python certification course, we also provide other courses such as Ethical Hacking Certification, which is one of the best in Bangalore.

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