Presently industries are replaced by Automation and robotics. All procedures and work are completed by machines and RPA. Each industrial firms are used industrial automation. Such as manufacturing, process industries, chemical, food & beverages, Oil Gas, Transport, machine apparatuses wherever. Basically, automation is classified into two types they are Industrial Automation and Home Automation. Industrial automation is the field that contains PLC Certification Course, SCADA Certification Course, HMI, and DCS and so on. PLC/SCADA Training In Salem provides a better option to learn about it.


There is a huge scope in the field of Automation for engineers. The value of PLC & SCADA increased rapidly because most of the industries have adopted automation, so there is a great career scope in this field. But only getting a certificate is not enough to get your dream job. Practical knowledge is very very important.

 I will share the exact information of what is happening in Today’s world. Every industry owner is trying to reduce manpower as for as possible to make more profit than the regular so for that, they are choosing a machine as a solution. Programmable Logic Controller is one of the machines that take complete charge of the whole industry. Imagine one plc will replace one hundred of employees. So there is no need for employers, one single machine can take over numerous duties.  

India has just stepped in Industrial Automation field, So now over a period of time IOT,  Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence this type of technologies will merging with Operational Technologies like PLC SCADA and that is the reason future will be bright in Automation. There will be so many openings & Job opportunities in IT sectors, IT companies are hiring as Automation Analyst, Automation Tester and Automation developer for SCADA application & software.

The future of jobs is in automation

In past decades, the focus of the manufacturing sector was on production, whether it is automotive or aerospace. Gradually increased the job market. And it focused on automation fields. In fact, reports suggest that with greater automation, the manufacturing sector will eliminate traditional jobs. So, if you are an engineer beginning your career, not gaining skills in automation is not an option anymore.

Automation offers fastest growing career

Automation Training Course is one of the few fields where the interest in skilled talent is growing very fast. Also, the demand is developing in every industry – automotive, synthetic substances, the construction industry. And also the manufacturing industries always prefer an automation engineer with prior knowledge. You might be from any stream – mechanical, electrical, electronics, instrumentation, Automation Certification Training offers a full scope of energizing and also promising professions in each industry. PLC/SCADA Training In Salem ensures a good career for you.

Automation gives you the adaptability to accomplish high career growth

You have the adaptability to work in numerous industries and always achieve higher growth in career. Freelancing option is also available, where an expert gets an opportunity to work in various businesses in various areas.

Organizations are hiring as PLC and SCADA developer, Maintenance Engineer, synthetic substances Plant, Engineer for Installation & monitoring of Automation hardware. Huge organizations, such as SIEMENS, GE, ABB, Fanuc, Honeywell are the best OEM in industrial automation and they are giving their services and products around the world.

Technologies Coordinated with Automation

Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning also nowadays coordinated with PLC and SCADA. PLC SCADA is utilized for Controlling and also monitor the frameworks with consistent programming. Industrial IoT is currently trending technology in PLC SCADA. Automation where Smart Grid, Smart City, Connected Cars and numerous other advanced applications will play a key role in transforming Automation to another level.

PLC/SCADA Training In Salem

If you are interested to work in the Industrial Automation field so we can help you. For a better future, opportunities and career growth, and to become part of the automation field, join with us. Livewire is the Best PLC/SCADA Training In Salem. We also provide courses in Ethical Hacking, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Python, etc.

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