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Network Engineering Training |What is Network Engineering Technology

  • A group of a computer connected in the same network it’s called Network Engineering Technology. ( easy to share data in a secure way)
  • Networking Technology 3 classes  ( depends up to the size, distance and the structure ) LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network )  

Now a lot of Network Engineering Training is available in Kerala.  One of the best training institutes is Livewire in Thrissur. Network technology based best courses is Livewire provided ( Cloud Computing, Network Routing & Switching, Internet Security, Ethical Hacking ).  Hence, Best network engineering certification enquiries for visit livewire.

Network Engineering

Network engineer design, install and support the computer systems of an organization. They are handling such as LANs, WANs, internet and intranet systems. And, they install and maintain network hardware and software, troubleshooting problems and also, monitor networks to make sure that these systems remain available for the users. so, They pick up data to evaluate the performance of a network, identify the needs of network users and determine network requirements. In short, Network engineer maintain a network’s overall efficiency, including ensuring its security.

Nowadays Network Engineering Technology is extending into different Category.

  • Cloud Computing
  • Network Routing & Switching
  • Internet Security
  • Ethical Hacking

Cloud Computing

Network engineering latest technology is Cloud Computing. The use of hardware and software to deliver a service over through a network .So, With cloud computing, users can access files, use applications from any device anywhere that can access the Internet. for an example of a Cloud Computing provider is Google’s drive.

Best Cloud Computing classroom training course provided in livewire, Thrissur.

Network Routing & Switching

Network Routing using for Cyber and Network Security. In the time switches connect computers within a single network, routers are used to connect entire networks to each other. Data packets are received processed and forwarded from one network to another network.

Network engineering one of major part is Routing & Switching.

Router and Switches connect multiple networks together. So, The best Network Routing & Switching training course provided by livewire

Internet Security

A Networking organization very important is internet security. network security involves many hardware and software components. Also, Network security used for access to a network to the authorized users and denying access to a network by unauthorized users. Hence, It prevents attacks from viruses and Trojan horses spyware and adware.

In Conclusion, Internet security is very important in one network. In Thrissur, The advanced network engineering training classes provided by livewire.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking is the process of identifying and exploiting weakness in a system or a network to gain unauthorized access to control  data and system resources. It can also be defined as an unauthorized intrusion into the information systems and networks by an attacker by compromising the security.

Need of Network Engineering Training

Network Engineers is very much important these days as the internet growth is an increase. As a network engineer can work for big companies within the technology industry along with other businesses and organization. Also, Network engineers work with computer networks within companies. However, Now every organization needs Network Engineers.

Also,Earning a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is one of the best ways for you to prepare for a successful career in network engineering. Thus,  The best Network Engineering training for visit Livewire, Thrissur. If you trained and certified to work on Cisco products. Your skills will be more valuable and more in demand.

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