Do you want to increase your job opportunity in “MATLAB”??? Matlab Training In Trivandrum.

I could see many students conversation like “there is a huge job opportunity for a programming language like C++, Python, Java, etc. than MATLAB

But it is not true!!

We have numerous companies who recruit candidates skilled in MATLAB.

Some of them are

  • Renault Nissan India Private Limited,
  • Robert Bosch Engineering Company,
  • DANLAW, UTC Aerospace,
  • Honeywell,
  • HCL Technologies

and many more

The average salary for Mathworks is RS. 17.6 lakhs


Major MATLAB toolbox you should aware

MATLAB toolbox for electrical

Simulink :

Simulink toolbox is for,

Stateflow modeling, simulating and also analyzing the multidomain dynamical system. So that it is widely used for multidomain simulation and model-based design.

Stateflow :

Stateflow is the control logic tool. Used to model reactive systems through state machines and flow charts within a Simulink model. You can also design logic for supervisory control, task scheduling, and fault management applications using state flow.

Control Systems :

Control system toolbox provides you with algorithms and apps for systematically analyzing, designing, and also the tuning linear control systems.

Simscape :

Simscape helps you to create a component model and also interconnect with the block diagram. You can represent your model systems such as electric motors, bridge rectifiers, hydraulic actuators, and also refrigeration systems using MATLAB variables and expressions and also deploy your models to other simulation environments.

MATLAB Toolbox for electronics :

Fuzzy Logic Toolbox :

The fuzzy logic toolbox provides you functions, apps, and a Simulink block. So that these blocks help in analyzing, designing, and simulating systems based on fuzzy logic.

Neural Networks Toolbox :

Neural networks toolbox is developed by Mathworks. Which provides algorithms, trained models, and also apps to create, train, visualize and simulate both shallow and deep neural networks.

Digital Image processing :

Image processing toolbox provides an algorithm and also the workflow. So that it perform image segmentation, image enhancement, noise reduction, geometric transformations, image registration, and 3D image processing.

Digital Signal Processing :

Digital signal processing provides an algorithm and also apps to Design and simulates streaming signal processing systems.

Simulink :

Simulink is developed by the network which is used to design and also simulate your system without using a hardware connection. This will also help you to reduce risk and time-consuming.

Stateflow :

Stateflow is used for Model and simulate decision logic using state machines and also flow charts. It used both graphical and tabular representation to model how your system reacts to events, time-based conditions, and external input signals.

HDL Coder :

HDL coder is used to designing FPGA and ASIC by generating VHDL and Verilog code.

Now the question arises? Is MATLAB used only for electrical and electronic professionals?

No. It is also used for Mechanical or Aeronautical professionals.

But how???

All the automobile and aerospace industries also use MATLAB software to design, model, test aircraft parts and vehicle parts like the suspension system, gear system, brake system, car transmission system, power window controller and so on. This implies the importance of knowledge on MATLAB software is compulsory.

Yeah, I understood the importance of Matlab. But where should I go to get this knowledge?

At Livewire we provide you MATLAB for electrical and MATLAB for electronic courses.  We are an ISO certified training institute. After the completion of this training, we provide you course completion certification.

Why Livewire?

We provide you training on all toolboxes.

How long have MathWorks employees worked?

Matlab Training In Trivandrum

Matlab Training

MATLAB is the easiest and also the most productive software field for engineers and scientists. Try and learn MATLAB Training in Trivandrum. You can also explore and Starting your career in MATLAB. It will be easy if you are ready to enhance your knowledge with LIVEWIRE. Apart from the Matlab Training and Certification Course, Livewire Trivandrum Institute also provides EMBEDDED SYSTEMS, ETHICAL HACKING, IOT courses.

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