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 When I talk about the Machine Learning Course, In everyone’s mind first came out the idea of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, etc

Machine Learning has a wide range of applications today. I just want to tell you one of the well-known applications of  Robotics. The artificial robotics can make a great impact in the medical field. Especially into damage cancer cells. Just check out Machine learning Training In Poonamallee. Machine Learning Training Institute In Poonamallee gives you Hands-on training.

Need of Robot in Cancer

Cancer is common in the worldwide and despite important improvements in therapy, but still increase the growth of cancer-related mortality, accounting for approximately 15% annual deaths worldwide.

With the advent of robotic, it brought cancer to another level. computer cure that uses artificial could save the lives of thousands of cancer patients. With the usage of machine robotics, help to predict how much tumors will grow.

Also will enable doctors to tackle the disease earlier and tickle our drug treatment to each individual. The technology has the potential to forecast whether a tumor well.

In the biomedical field, lots of different robots are available. Telepresence, Surgical Assistants Rehabilitation Robots, Medical Transportation Robots, Sanitation, Disinfection Robots, and Robotic Prescription Dispensing System. Also nanoscale robot.

The medical robots for Cancer are very small size and it is not visible to the human eye. It is the biggest advantage. The tiny robots can help to fight with cancer cells. Tiny robots have a nanocomposite particle made from multifunctional oxide materials. The electric field is used to control the robot remotely. Once they functional, these robots interact with biological cells and give them strong medical support. They can manipulate cells in particular alignments, and move to cells to other locations .also deliver medicine or treatment of cancer.

“Robot-assisted surgery, or robotics, is a revolutionary innovation in performing intricate surgeries, particularly in difficult or otherwise impossible locations, using specifically designed robotic arms,” said Umanath Nayak, Consultant Head & Neck and Robotic Surgeon of Apollo Cancer Hospitals. 

According to Umanath Nayak, robotic surgeries are the successful application for cancer treatments. And it is also encouraging for the medical fraternity and communities challenged by raising the case of cancer.

How nanoscale robot kill cancer cells?

Once the tumors will grow, the nanorobots were injected into the mice. And The nanorobots were made with flat, along with rectangular Origami sheets 90 nanometers by 60 nanometers. They were outfitted with an enzyme called thrombin, which helps the blood to clot.


The nanorobots traveled the bloodstream by carrying a DNA aptamer.  The DNA aptamers targeted a protein called nucleolin. This protein only placed the surface of tumor cells.

The traveled nanorobots were located and binding the surface of blood vessel surface. Therefore the nanorobots open up and deliver the thrombin. it causes clotting in blood vessels and feeds the tumor growth. Also  Cutting off the blood supply and  killing the tumor tissue

This process happens very quickly. During this quick processing, the nanorobots gathered in large numbers around tumors in a few hours. After that, they blocked the tumor supply within 24 hours. And the damage of tissue had begun.

All this process is not affecting the healthy tissues .

After 24 hours nanorobots will remove from the body. It is the process that how nanorobots fight with cancer cells. And hence prevent cancer.

Why Machine Learning?

The nanorobots are the category of Robotics and Robotics comes from Machine Learning. So acquire Knowledge, We need Machine learning Training. Hence, For all these happens after getting the knowledge in  Machine Learning Course. Need to know more information about Machine Learning Certification Course In Poonamallee? Livewire Poonamallee makes your Dream Come true. So Don’t Waste your time to move Forward.

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