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Nowadays all are looking for a good profession. But don’t know where to start and what to study. Above all, people should think about upcoming technologies and future scopes. Machine Learning is one of the topmost technology that can change your life. Machine Learning (ML) prompts computers to run algorithms without being explicitly programmed. Another interesting fact is that we people are using machine learning-powered devices many times in a day without even noticing it.  Machine learning algorithms are used in many applications, such as email filtering, and computer vision, where it is infeasible to develop an algorithm of specific instructions for performing the task. And that is why, a course on Machine learning from an institute like Livewire Ayyappankavu, Ernakulam will catapult your career to great success.

Mainly there are three types of Machine Learning Algorithms:

1. Supervised Learning (parametric/non-parametric algorithms, support vector machines, kernels, neural networks):

This algorithm consists of a target/outcome variable (or dependent variable) to be predicted from a specified set of predictors (autonomous variables). Above all, using these variables, we generate a function that map inputs to desired outputs.

It is a task-oriented process. There are many examples of supervised learning such as selecting an advertisement that performs best, or spam classification in email systems. These involve analysing individually and later correctly predicting the type that is right or wrong.

2. Unsupervised Learning (clustering, dimensionality reduction, recommender systems, deep learning):

We have no target or result variable that we can predict / estimate for this algorithm. One of its application is in various organizations to cluster population. Above all, it is widely used for segmenting customers in different groups for specific intervention.

Unsupervised learning algorithms are the need of the hour as the majority of the data nowadays are unlabelled. Some of its applications are recommender systems present nowadays in almost all video, music, movie streaming websites. Taking into account the history or watching the pattern of a particular user, the algorithm tries to predict files that the user might enjoy.

3. Reinforcement Learning:

The machine is trained to create particular choices using this algorithm. It operates as follows: the machine follows a test and error setting. Hence, this machine draws on previous experience and attempts to gain the finest understanding possible to take correct business choices. Another example of Reinforcement Learning: Markov Decision Process.

In an industrial simulation, reinforcement learning plays a huge part since it’s better for machines to learn their tasks rather than hardcoding it. It provides a cheaper and more efficient option. The most popular algorithms used here is Q-Learning, Deep Adversarial Networks etc.

Commonly used Machine Learning algorithms are:

1. Decision Tree

2. Logistic Regression

3. Gradient Boosting algorithms

4. Random Forest

5. Naive Bayes

6. kNN

7. K-Means

8. SVM

9. Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms

10. Linear Regression

Examples of machine learning:

We all use Facebook in our daily lives. The interesting fact is that we are dealing with machine learning through facebook. Facebook’s News Feed is personalizing News Feeds according to the user. This is with the help of Machine Learning. If you daily scrolling to read or like a particular friend’s posts, the News Feed will start to show more of that friend’s activity earlier in the feed. So here the statistical analysis and predictive analytics techniques are used to identify the user’s data to customize the News Feed.

Another great example is the recommendation systems in current music or video streaming application and sites. Take, Youtube, for example. Depending on your watch history, it takes into account the type of videos, the length of videos, the genre etc in account while suggesting similar videos you might enjoy. It plays a huge role since the users are retained through this, and helps the company to make a massive profit.

And to conclude, Self-driving cars, Customer relationship management (CRM) systems, Human resource (HR) systems are some of the fields using ML.

Machine Learning Course in Ernakulam


Most of the companies need high skilled Machine Learning Engineers all over the world. Hence, the chances are increasing day by day. Livewire is a better option to learn Machine Learning with the help of highly skilled certified faculties. And also providing an Internationally recognized Certificate that results in getting a job in top class companies. Above all, Livewire is in association with 250+ corporates for ensuring a better placement. For the following experts we suggest this Machine Learning course in specific:

->Data Scientists

->Business Analytics

->Analytic Managers

->Analytic Professionals

->Information Architects

Machine Learning Course in Livewire Ayyappankavu, Ernakulam

Livewire Ayyappankavu, Ernakulam provides one of the best machine learning course in Kochi. Firstly, special consideration is taken to make sure the students are trained in such a way that they are able to transition smoothly into a job. Above all, the coursework is heavily dependent on the market needs, which makes it one of the best job-oriented course in Kochi.

The coursework covers both the basics, as well as the practical aspects of machine learning. The centre provides world-class facilities and is undoubtedly one of the best machine learning training certification course in Ernakulam. Apart from Machine learning training, Livewire Ayyappankavu, Ernakulam also provides Python certification, Data science training course, Ethical Hacking certification etc.

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