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Data Science course is a study of where the data originates from, what it describes and how it tends to be transformed into a valuable asset in creating IT and business strategies. Mining a lot of organized and unstructured data to determine trends can enable an organization to get control over costs, expand efficiencies, perceive new market openings and can expand the organization’s competitive advantage. Moreover, by studying Data science course in India, the knowledge can be used in statistics, mathematics, and software engineering disciplines, which includes procedures like cluster analysis, machine learning, visualization, and mining.


Why We Need Data Science?

Generally, the data that we have was likely small in size and structured, which could be analyzed by utilizing the simple BI devices. Moreover, it is not like the data from traditional systems which is largely structured, currently, the vast majority of the data is semi-structured or unstructured.

Why Study Data Science course?

Big Data or Data science is the one that each organization most needs to discover new approaches and to enable them to develop their business. This is where the data scientists are needed. Moreover, Studying Data science course at Livewire will help data scientists to utilize their skills in statistics, mathematics, programming, and other related subjects to sort out huge data sets. Besides, they apply their insight to reveal solutions hidden in the data to take up business goals and challenges. 

Applications of Data Science 

  • Internet Search
  • Price Comparison Websites
  • Recommender Systems
  • Fraud and Risk Detection
  • Gaming
  • Digital Advertisements 
  • Image Recognition
  • Speech Recognition
  • Airline Route Planning
  • Delivery logistics

Concepts Used in Data science 

Statistical Features

Statistical Features is the most utilized statistics concepts in data science. The first statistical technique applied to investigate a dataset and incorporates things like variance, bias, median, mean, percentiles, and numerous others which can be understood and implemented in code.

Data Analysis using SAS and SPSS

Data produced Along with utilization of technology, in detail. SAS and SPSS are tools that help statistical analysis much easier. SPSS is flexible and comprehensive while SAS is a programming language which accompanies its group. 

ML Algorithm Designs 

Complex communication frameworks require a high level of independent knowledge to enhance performance under fluctuating conditions. Moreover, Machine learning algorithms give a way to build the intelligence of wideband communication frameworks. 

Data preprocessing 

Data preprocessing is a data mining procedure that includes converting raw information into a user-friendly format. Real-world data is quite often incomplete, conflicting, and additionally lacking trends or practices, and is probably will contain many errors. Data preprocessing is a method for settling such issues and prepare raw data for further clarification. Database-driven applications, like, managing client relationship and used in rule-based applications like neural systems.

Intense Deep learning is an AI function that copies the functions of the human mind in processing data and making patterns. It is a subdivision of machine learning in AI that has systems equipped for learning lite form of data called as deep neural network or deep neural learning.

Applications of Data Science course


When we pick any part of the banking like, risk management, pricing, customer outreach, marketing outreach, cost and revenue allocation, product development, we can see data science used in. The financial business has been developing quickly, especially post the financial crisis of 2008. Banks were probably for security and processes. Banking is the greatest utilization of Data Science. Moreover, JP Morgan bank in the USA is utilizing their idea for data management by making the framework automated. 


Data science and Healthcare frequently connected through finance. Business attempts to diminish its costs with the help of lot of information. Medicine and Data science are quickly developing and, significantly, they advance together. A typical example can be Fortis Hospital in India associating with Philips and GE organization to make efficient ICU.


Data science lead to Geography issues that have on it when connected to spatially explicit issues; and conversely, where Geography and Geographical Analysis could be learned from Data Science. It developed as a huge part as a collection of strategies, tools, and supporting framework to comprehend generally on non‐geographical information received through the Internet. 


The need for transport data is increasing quickly, requiring new skills and aptitudes in the management and by testing databases and data, where data science becomes helpful. Transportation experts and scientists should use databases or data to set up more, experimental facts, to approve and challenge their mathematical models, whose applications are generally assumed rather than thoroughly tested against the data.


Succinctly put, finance is the center of data. Financial organizations were the early clients and pioneers of using data analytics. Data Science generally utilized in zones like risk analytics, client management, fraud detection and exchange of algorithms


Nowadays, the manufacturing sector faces huge changes currently. Because of the rapid advancement of the digital world and the wide use of data Science, different fields of human activity look for development. Moreover, modern manufacturing is referred to as industry 4.0 that is the manufacturing under the fourth industrial revolution that has brought Automation, robotics, and wide utilization of data.


The utilization of data Analytics has expanded over the years and by studying Best data science course is that it can be profoundly be helpful in any field, which also includes education. Schools and colleges have stored tremendous measures of data, including academic records, grades, tests results, and so on. Moreover, the adoption of technologies could advance better data gathering and will improve the viability of test score data analysis.

Current market and demand for Data Science Professionals

  • The highest salary in market and highest demand technology in the current job market paid to data scientists.
  • According to Google Trends, Data science is the best technology to learn currently.
  • Data science technology can handle very large data with the integration of other technologies where other technologies are not capable of.
  • 59 percent of Data Science and Analytics job is in professional services, IT, Finance and Insurance. 
  • The yearly demand for the fast-developing new jobs of data scientist, data engineers, and data developers will reach about 700,000 openings by the year 2020.

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