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The term “Artificial Intelligence” known as AI, was instituted in 1956, however, AI has turned out to be more popular today because of advanced algorithms, increased data volumes, and upgrades in computing storage and power. Artificial Intelligence   course is the simulation of human intelligence operations by machines, particularly computer frameworks. These procedures incorporate reasoning, learning, and self-correction. Further, specific applications of AI incorporate speech recognition, expert systems, and machine vision.

Why study AI course?

By Studying Artificial Intelligence course at LIVEWIRE, one can take up a job role of software engineer researching about neural networks, quantum artificial intelligence and human-machine interfaces or then again the learner could work as a software engineer in the industry by working for organizations like Amazon to shopping list recommendation engines or working with Facebook analyzing and processing big data. Moreover, by getting trained in Artificial Intelligence course in India, there are chances to work as a hardware engineer making electronic parking associates or home assistant robots.

Prerequisites for AI

To study Artificial Intelligence course one generally requires a Bachelor’s degree or higher degree in Engg, computer science, IT and experience in different languages which includes Java, C, R, Python, JavaScript and SQL and further, experience in data science will be an added advantage.

Artificial intelligence course

Features of AI

  • Object recognition and detection

Object recognition and finding is an area inside the field of Artificial Intelligence Certfication that centers on robots recognizing various objects. As AI machines increasingly become more part of our daily lives, so machine learning is making improvements on Image tagging and objects identification skills. Moreover, Google and Microsoft are the two tech giants investing hugely on object IT.

  • NLP

NLP is a vast subject that contains speech synthesis, speech recognition, Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Besides, speech recognition software interprets spoken language, speech synthesis software centers on text to speech transformation.

  • ML Algorithm designs

Complex communication frameworks require a high degree of autonomous knowledge to optimize performance under such changing conditions and ML Algorithms gives a way to build the intelligence of wideband and communication frameworks.

  • CNN

Image recognition is not a simple task to accomplish and it is a decent method to consider accomplishing and it is through applying metadata to unstructured data. One approach to take care of this issue and would be through the usage of neural systems. Besides, CNN can certainly deal with large information of a specific image and process the algorithm with more precision. Right now, CNN is the most exact algorithm with the adequate speed in the market.

  • OpenCV

Initially created by Intel in 1999 and OpenCV has developed into a well-perceived open-source cross-platform library with 2,000,000 downloads in seven days. It has built an accumulation of 2500 free and simple to use algorithms customized for computer vision and vision processing applications, like, mobile robotics, augmented reality, segmentation, and so on. This idea expresses how a machine can use the asset like the camera and then process the data from it to locate the data.

Applications of AI

Autonomous Vehicles

When we consider AI applications in the automotive business, we may initially consider self-driving cars. In any case, AI can accomplish more than the drive. It can keep us connected on schedule and safety when we are driving ourselves. Another significant utilization of AI to robotics that has received attention is autonomous or self-driving autos. Examples are driverless car and cycle. Moreover, Tesla made a driverless vehicle a couple of years back. In India, Volkswagen is currently making a driverless car.


AI can be used to identify cyber-attacks. There are a lot of researches about finding cyber attacks using AI. The success rate pace of those researches varies in the range of 85 and 99 percent. So the most recent couple of years, in addition to researches, a few items have been improved to detect cyber attacks with the assistance of AI. Some worth mentioning example is Punjab AI System (PAIS) found a drug dealer from a group of Individuals.

Sentimental Analysis

Using Sentimental analysis and centres can detect the reviews communicated by clients and measure client feedback found in millions of webpages, postings on review sites and client forums. Moreover, for centres that need to know what clients are stating and how they feel, the analysis gives exact value from the extraction of online feedback and remarks. For example, as indicated by the client’s reviews, IMDb has the rating of a movie


Machine Learning and AI include software programs classifying data and making decisions about things in reality. Robotics includes making objects in reality. This creates the capacity to manipulate this present reality using a blend of robotics and ML. One of the famous examples of robotics is Sophia, which is an AI robot.

Personal Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is also called AI assistant or digital assistant, is an application program that comprehends common language voice commands and finishes tasks for the user. Prevalent virtual assistants are Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana, the digital assistant incorporated with Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10.


The uses of AI in sports have turned into a common sight as of late. The positive effect they have achieved through their developing capacities,so they will keep on making more into the domain of sports. AI provides the solution in sports like finding and the winning reason for Usain Bolt sprinter.

Course in Artificial Intelligence

Careers after Artificial Intelligence Course

AI has produced chaos in Silicon Valley and few big IT giants like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and several others are more investing for Careers in AI. By studying Best Artificial Intelligence course,so it is expected that Careers in AI will be the core of new IT improvements in areas like DevOps platforms, automation, the Internet Chabot, and Robotics.

Domains where AI is used

Few Domains where AI are mentioned below:

  • Medicine
  • Information Management
  • Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Space
  • Military Activities
  • Marketing

Jobs held by AI professionals include:

Top job positions include:

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Consultant
  • AI Project Manager
  • Researcher

Current Scenario / Today market and demands

  • Expanding of Cloud-based Apps and Services to Boost the Market
  • The Language Processing Sector will be Growth Driven so by more Usage of AI.
  • Prominent market players like Google and Amazon to gain a competitive edge through strategic partnerships and innovative product launches.
  • AI is the most demanding technology in the current market.
  • According to industrial aspects, only 9 percent Ai related apps are implemented in the market and the rest 91 percent will be used in the future. So scope and demands will increase in the future.
  • Precisely, Machines are accurate than humans, so they are now being replaced to increase system performance.
  • The govt is pushing more and more startups on AI to cater to the future and current demands in India.

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