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Java course

In Java course in livewire, it provides expert content provider infinite skills which build n the beginner’s java course. And goes deeper into the programming topics. it helps you to understand more advanced java concepts.And  It is designed for more experienced Java developers that he or she should have a good working knowledge of Java programming language.

What’s the Course About?

Java is an object-oriented programming language.So, It can be compiled and executed of it machine is used. Java is also robust and it is machine independent.Java is a programming language that can be used for small and medium-size software development purposes.

Classification of Java

Java course is classified into the following sections;

  • Client-side Java development: It is based on developing software and program modules that can run on the client side to support its daily operations.
  • Server-side Java development: It is based on developing codes that can enable others to access dedicated servers designed to perform specific tasks.
  • Web Development: In this section, it  describes Java libraries are also extended to Java server pages (JSP) that helps in rich content development for Web
  • Mobile Development: Java is a standard language for developing mobile OS and applications.
  • Machine learning through Java: In this section describes  the direction of Machine learning which has helped in building and supporting several electronic devices ranging from Space shuttles to CT scan machines

Career relevance

Looking at the classifications above, we will find the wide implementation of a single programming language. However, Java can be classified as a combination of multiple languages under a common platform. The wide categorisation of Java makes it difficult for an individual to completely understand its every feature.Thus Every classification of java requires its own experts. So this is the reason why Java produces good career opportunities to build a career in the field of software development and programming.

Courses, Certifications and its structure

Java is a core subject for engineering courses in computers and information technology (IT) and Degree in CS and BCA. Hence, it mainly focuses on building a basic idea and implementation of the language.

Official Java Certifications;

Java took Oracle in 2010, its certifications are now governed .However these certifications follow a fixed order based on expertise. Oracle also provides the students with classroom training programs before the certification exam. Students can also directly apply for the certification exam and they will have to clear a  test on Java programming at its respective level. Successful Result of the test will qualify the candidate for a certification signifying his/her excellence at that level.

The certification levels are:

  • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA): It is the  First level of certification which indicates a good basic understanding of the language.
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP): it is a benchmark for Java developers in the field of Java programming.
  • Oracle Certified Master (OCM): A highly skilled and experienced Java Developer
  • Oracle Certified Expert (OCE):  A complete expert in Java programming  and its structure

            Some of the important topics that will cover in this include Generic programming in Java and Sequential and associative data structures in language, classic data structure.Sorting and Searching and dividing them using stack, Exception handling using try catch, Database programming with JDBC, Multithreading etc. you will also explore Java Applets, Web Applications, advanced input and output classes.

Java Course in Thrissur

Hence, by the end of Java Course in livewire  , you will achieve a clear understanding of advanced Java programming. It will allow you to go more depth with the concepts of your choice. And the working files are included for practical section. Using the files that the author does throughout this computer based training.

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