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Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of devices which can accumulate sense and transfer information over the internet with no human intervention. Moreover, IoT is a huge framework of connected things and individuals, all of which collect and offer information about how they are utilized and about the environment surrounding them.

IOT Course

Why should you go for
Iot courses ?

Iot courses in India can be considered as the next big revolution after the development of the Internet. It has made tremendous effects on lives and may conceivably lead to improvement of a large number of lives around the world. As indicated by Cisco, more than 50 million devices are anticipated to be connected with IoT by 2020. Healthcare, Aviation, Logistics, Education, and IT if we name anything, IoT will turn into an most part of all these sectors.

Who should go for IoT Courses?

Furthermore, with India moving into a digital phase, IoT is getting a considerable amount of popularity. For getting into jobs in IoT. here no specific degree required; however, the vast majority of them request Engineering knowledge and a basic understanding of electronics and microprocessor. By doing IoT courses at Livewire one can have a solid hold on UI/UX design, embedded systems, programming, network security, data processing, cloud computing, and so on.

It suits for:

  • Software Developers who are entering into IoT sector
  • Solution Architects
  • Technical Architects
  • Students who seek IoT knowledge
  • Business Executives and Managers

Why Choosing IoT career is the best choice ?

Currently, doing IoT Courses in Livewire is one of the most interesting ventures to work with. All the latest developments happening right now in business, home automation, energy consumption, driverless cars. People can live with science-fiction vision and ideas where there is a lot on IoT and its gadgets. Moreover if a person wanted to get a good career ,because of doing IoT courses in Livewire can change the future.


  • NodeMCU

The NodeMCU development board is a ground-breaking answer for program chips and part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally,it supports a few languages, therefore, it is easy to transfer programs from any PC over a micro USB port.

  • LUA

For those selected with World of Warcraft coding, Lua will sound recognizable as it is the scripting language used to compose add-ons for the game. Besides, Lua is more suitable for a use case.

  • Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi can be utilized as a gateway .And to send sensor information to the Google cloud. There is no maximum point on how much can be send by various Ps in a single framework. Further, Cloud side services are safely get through a program interface.

  • Internet protocol

IoT protocols are methods of communication. that ensure protect security to the information. being exchanged between associated devices. Regarding the IoT communication technologies .

  • Cloud computing and IoT

Cloud computing and IoT certification have a complementary relationship. The IoT produces huge amounts of info while cloud computing aids. in offering a pathway for that data to attain its goal and by increasing the efficiency.


  • Smart homes and buildings

In a connected smart home, we can simply walk into a room and sensors will on the lights to our favored ambiance level. Moreover, we can set the climate control system to work at a specific temperature, play the preferred music and even train the kitchen item to begin preparing a cup of coffee.

  • Healthcare

The Internet of Things permits setting up of a system of interconnected devices. It can create or exchange information inside a single system.

  • Automobiles 

In the Automobile division,It is driving us to a future of autonomous, intelligent vehicles. The introduction of high-speed mobile frameworks, 5G .And beyond will check this development through faster data transfers, better communication and response times.

  • Product flow monitoring

Production flow monitoring is a method in assembling because these results includes may be overall machine work and setting a specific part of the machine.

Safety and security

The implementation of severe laws prohibiting violence vulnerable groups and recent figures stress the requirement for more safety measures.

  • Smart grids

IoT interfaces individuals and governments to smart city solutions with the creation of Smart Grid technology. it is made to enhance the older architecture.Traffic signs, parking spots, street warnings, and early finding of power failure because of weather and earthquakes.

Current Scenario

  • IoT devices will reach to 75 billion by 2025 as per industrial trends.This increase is very high because of today’s market of IoT of 26 billion. 
  • The platform for making long-range communication as it is cheaper and fast.
  • IoT courses have the highest demand in the market and it can make the system centralized and automated.
  • Integration of IoT Training with AI and Machine Learning makes the system self-learning.
  • Furthermore, automated factories would remove the need for human interfere and cut the cost of operations spread over the period.
  • When artificial intelligence (AI) is applied into IoT enabled devices . We can expect a new generation of highly intelligent robots . It will perform tasks in different platforms.

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