The Internet of Things (IoT) is now trending in the media and also in social networks, but do you know what applications it has in your daily life?


The term “Internet of Things” (IoT – Internet of Things) refers to all the objects or devices of our everyday life. Then these are connected to the Internet and that have some kind of intelligence. IOT allows any object to interact with another around it and carry out a certain task or function. According to the expert they research and found technology increase by 50% the number of devices connected to the Internet of things.

What can I do with IoT? Where can be applied?


When we talk about the Internet of Things, there are many areas of application of this technology used. And also this serves to improve many aspects of our lifestyle:


Who does not fall in the issue if a light has been gone out or an open spigot? Do you like to control heating framework in your home that relying upon the room temperature? With IoT this is possible.

Appliances that communicate with the user:

This is the situation of keen fridges that can advise us when an item inside is almost an expiration date or when it is going to finish and we should purchase more.

Biomedical control systems: 

These are frameworks that effectively control our crucial signs, our food and also our sleep … We can even discussion about applications that control the right working of a pacemaker and predict circumstances. So it might be critical for the patient. For this situation, data handling can be joined with consequent basic leadership, interconnected garments, and also the practice control frameworks that are incorporated into sneakers shoes that can screen our running or wearing wearables.

Trends in consumer use:

Having the capacity to see whether a rider has the correct shoes for the routes he makes or in the event that he utilizes the most appropriate thermal clothing in the most continuous situations, would be a few instances of IoT use here.


Vehicles are also watching the best route progressively by a city to keep away from jams or traffic lights.

What benefits does IoT bring to your day-to-day business?

The use of IoT can have many benefits. Among them we can highlight the following:


Smart houses associated with the electrical framework permit simple control of the lighting and temperature of the house.

Safety and protection: 

Both at home and in workplaces. The utilization of sensors to screen the opening of doors and windows or even the identification of movement inside a property.


 These systems enable clients to remotely control a device remotely, turning it on, off …

Improving access to information:

Going to the automobile world, we can analyze how a vehicle associated with an intelligent system can distinguish that the traveling routes and through a mobile turn off light or warming.

How can IoT change people’s day-to-day lives?

In our daily lives, the use of IoT makes a lot of data available in our environment and in real time. So that all of this can easily develop our daily activities. And although some of these terms are previously being used today, we will begin to have more and more in mind the “smart homes” and even the “Smart cities”, it will allow, for example, to control and monitor the illumination in the road Public, detect if there are areas with free parking … among many other things.

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