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With the emergence of cloud computing, it didn’t take much time for the people to understand that they were at the cusp of a new era of technology. Soon, the world woke up to the brilliance of the Internet of Things. The phase is still going on and there is room for a whole lot of improvement. We, at Livewire Ernakulam, will let you know the importance of an Internet of Things(IoT) certification training course and some real-world applications of it.

What is the Internet of Things(IoT)?

Internet of Things is basically the connection between everyday objects present in our daily life. It is made possible with a combination of electronics, internet connectivity and a variety of hardware like sensors. It is useful since these objects are now able to communicate with each other, and people are able to monitor it from remote locations.

Although the concept of the Internet of Things was discussed as early as the late 1990s, the general public became aware of it in 2008 – 2009. There is a constant rise in the usage of IoT ever since.

Applications of IoT

IoT course in Ernakulam

We will take a look at the most common applications of IoT.

Smart Homes

The very first thing that comes into our mind whenever IoT comes into our mind would be this. And it is not a surprise to know, it is one of the most widely promoted applications of IoT. There is a huge increase in people investing in an IoT controlled house every single year. And people are investing heavily in this sector promoting startups. If you look up a video of a Smart Home, you will be amazed by the logicality of it all.

Smart City

Smart City comprises of a vast area compared to Smart Home. It strives to make the life of people within it easier. Smart City is a huge network that comprises of a city’s transportation, communication, surveillance, water distribution, environmental monitoring etc. Above all, it manages to increase the living standards of the people living in it and greatly enhances security.

Industrial Internet

Internet of Things in the Industrial sector has made a huge ripple, especially in the manufacturing sector. With the help of communication between devices, large companies are able to monitor every single process remotely avoiding any major concern. It holds a huge potential for sustainability and quality control.

Medical and Healthcare

The usage of IoT in the medical field is commonly referred to as the Internet of Medical Things. It holds tremendous potential in holding and capturing data, using it for research purposes and to avoid emergencies. With the help of wearables and sensors in living spaces, medical professionals are able to monitor the health and get notified of any potential emergency situations especially in the case of senior citizens.

Smart Farming

IoT in agriculture has grown multifold in recent years. With the increasing population, there is a huge increase in the food supply. With the help of IoT, farmers are now able to increase their production. There are so many sensors available, which calculates the moisture content in the soil and notify the responsible when to water, or to show the nutrient content in the soil. With the help of the valuable insights provided by these devices, farmers are able to increase productivity and reduce unneeded expenses.

Internet of Things(IoT) course by Livewire Ernakulam

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There is a huge impact of IoT in our daily life too. You can even learn it to make your life easier and more productive. Apart from the Internet of Things(IoT) certification training course, Livewire Ernakulam also provides courses on Cloud Computing, Python programming among many. Do take a look and choose the course for you.

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