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Embedded systems certifications are hearing everywhere. What is an embedded system?? What is the need for it ?? Embedded systems as the name suggests contains both the hardware system and software system embedded to each other. Nowadays, the world comprises of different types of equipment that fall in the category of embedded systems. Embedded system training Tambaram provides diploma course in embedded systems which provide an in-depth understanding of the architecture, pin description and Interfacing of the microcontroller with various input and output peripherals.  

Electronic or computer system to control, access the data in electronics-based systems are called Embedded systems. Also, it comprises single-chip microcontrollers such as ARM, Cortex, and also FPGAs, microprocessors, ASICs and DSPs. Nowadays, the usage of embedded systems is more compared to the old times. The software programmed into the microcontroller is solving a limited range of problems only. Embedded-system based projects are capable of interfacing with the other networks and devices and also capable of doing multitasks. Embedded systems mean a  way of working, performing or organizing one or many tasks according to some fixed rules or arrangements in which all the units assemble and work together according to the plan.

Embedded system is on the rise as the technology paves the way for the future of smart manufacturing across a range of industries.


The first used Embedded system was “Building Apollo Guidance System” by Charles Stark Draper at MIT Instrumentation Laboratory (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in  1960. It is a modern embedded system for navigation and control of the respective crafts. It consists of a keypad and numeric display. Therefore, the usage of the Apollo Guidance System is risky. There is also another reason for increasing the risk factor of Apollo guidance computer in the Apollo project. It used the newly developed monolithic integrated circuits to reduce size and weight. Also, it refined and used frequently in many of NASA’s space missions.

Then, United States Air Force used the Minuteman Missile- an ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile), released in 1961 from which the next embedded system, Autonetics D-17 Guidance Computer has come from. The Autonetics D-17 is replaced with a new computer which is the first high-volume use of integrated circuits when the Minuteman II went into production in 1966.

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Embedded systems have a variety of applications that varies from low cost to high cost, entertainment devices to academic equipment,  consumer electronics to industrial types of equipment and medical instruments to weapons and aerospace control systems. The applications of embedded systems include home appliances, security, banking and finance,  entertainment, telecommunication, instrumentation, aerospace, office automation, automobiles personal and also in different embedded systems projects.


Embedded systems are classified into

  • Sophisticated Embedded Systems
  • Medium Scale Embedded Systems
  • Small Scale Embedded Systems

Sophisticated Embedded Systems

Sophisticated embedded systems have a lot of hardware and software complexities and also need PLAs, ASIPs, IPs, scalable processors or configurable processors. They are cutting-edge applications that need both hardware and software co-design. And also the components which have to be combined in the final system.

Medium Scale Embedded Systems

A single or few 16 or 32-bit microcontrollers, DSPs or RISCs completes the design of a medium scale embedded systems. These systems have both hardware and software complexities. The following programming tools are available for developing embedded software of these systems. They are Java, C, C++, Visual C++ and RTOS, debugger, source code engineering tool, simulator and integrated development environment.

Small Scale Embedded Systems

Small scale embedded systems are systems designed with a single 8-bit or 16-bit microcontroller which can even be operated with the help of a battery. An editor, (IDE) integrated development environment, assembler and cross assembler are the main programming tools for developing embedded software for these types of systems.

embedded system training tambaram


Also, the demand for skilled embedded system engineers is increasing day by day. Therefore, this embedded system training Tambaram is for candidates at an average level of experience. Hence, we recommend this embedded system training Tambaram for students and professionals who like to follow technology.

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