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Reasons to learn Embedded System Certification Course

Do you know 80% of intelligent computing devices are surrounding us? One of the facts is our world will connect to more than 55 billion devices by 2022. Embedded systems are a cornerstone of the electronics industry world today. An embedded system designed for several purposes. It is applicable for electronics and electrical devices. Embedded system Certification Course can be a microcontroller or microprocessor related systems. So learn Embedded System Certification Course and enlighten your day to day life.


Classification of Embedded System:

Embedded system can be classified based on the performance of an embedded system and microcontroller performance.

Based on embedded system performance:

  • Real-time embedded systems
  • Stand-alone embedded systems
  • Networked embedded systems
  • Mobile embedded systems

Based on a microcontroller embedded system:

  • Small-scale embedded systems
  • Medium scale embedded systems
  • Sophisticated embedded systems

Application Of Embedded System :

Embedded system is currently in several industries such as Automobile, Aeronautics, and Energy Control, mobile telecommunication, Global transport industry or e-payment solutions and so on.

 The major application of Embeddedsystem in Automobile sector: 

Embedded system is typically a microcontroller system with one or a few dedicated functions. Embedded system in automobile industry helps to improve the safety, cost, comfort and also performance.
Therefore in recent decades, there is a rapid increase in the growth of the embedded electronic system in the automobile industry. There is 100 ECU’s are present in the top cars whereas each unit controls one or more electrical systems or subsystems in a motor vehicle.

Technologies used in today’s vehicle: 
  • Airbags
  • The black box
  • Anti-lock brake system
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Drive by wire
  • Satellite radio, for example, XM
  • Telematics, for example, Onstar
  • Rain-sensing wipers
  • Emission control
  • Traction control
  • Automatic parking
  • In-Vehicle entertainment
  • Heads-up display
  • Night vision
  • Backup collision sensor
  • Navigation systems
  • Tire pressure monitor
  • Climate control

The major application of the embedded system in the Aeronautics Sector :

Embedded system is an advanced technique that is present in many subsystems and at the same time the main system in the aerospace industry that helps to control the desired section. It is present in the various system that includes Flight data recorders, internal/external video surveillance system, flight management systems, various sensor systems, and also the engine control systems. Aerospace is highly dependent on Embedded system than other industries and it is expected to be increased in the future.

The major application of the embedded system in Energy control :

Embedded system is included in the Energy systems such as Windmill and nuclear plants. Embedded system is used to check the health of the wind turbine. And this will also integrate the detector within the blade to watch the changes in blade structure. This will also help us to protect from blade breaks. “We want to develop an integrated sensor system which might do several tasks at the same time. Therefore it will be needed in a future remote controlling system for wind turbine blades.

The major application of the embedded system in the Biomedical field :

Embedded system technologies play an important role in the Biomedical application in diagnosis, prognosis, patient management, and also telemedicine. Embedded system is used in all biomedical instruments such as blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, patch detection of various diseases. Various diseases such as dengue, malaria, and portable ECG (electrocardiogram), CT (computed tomography), defibrillators, CRT-D device, digital thermometers, digital flow sensors. Biomedical professionals are looking for the innovating compact and constraint device for user-friendly, faster, smarter and also reliable use.

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