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Agriculture as an industry can be called as the backbone of the Indian economy and it is only natural that technology plays an important role in it. The introduction of the Internet of Things and Big Data have brought in huge changes in the agricultural setup. Data science also plays an important role nowadays in increasing output. We, at Livewire Ambernath, provides quality Data Science certification training course for those in the Ulhasnagar, Kalyan, Neral region of Mumbai.

Basics of Data Science

Data science is basically a mix of many different fields coming together to bring about an insight previously unknown. It involves mathematical formulas, machine learning technique, various algorithms, statistics etc. The term Data science has come into prominence in recent times due to the emergence of Big data.

Nowadays most of the data present is in the form of unstructured or semi-structured. The emergence of Hadoop and Big Data managed to provide a solution to the storage issues present. With so much data to be used, scientists started working on ways to use the data for gaining insights and to predict the future. Thus emerged the term Data Science. Let us take a look at one of the applications of Data Science.

Smart Farming

When technologies like the IoT, Big Data and Data analytics are present in agriculture, it is Smart farming. It is highly advantageous since the farmer can now be more efficient and avoid wasting important resources.

A farmer is now able to understand the results of his actions and make better decisions. He/she is able to make an informed decision on various farming practices based on the data analysis given to him. Right from the start until his products are sold in the market, data science helps him to maximise his returns.

With the help of sensors, a farmer can now monitor the humidity, moisture content, soil texture, crop stress, fungal infections, temperature, rainfall, wind speed, nutrients etc.

Data Scientist in Agriculture

Data Science course Thane

Similar to other industries, Data scientists play an important role in agriculture too. But in this case, exposure in fields like plant science, soil science, animal science etc may increase your chances of success in the field. It is not a necessary requirement, rather an added bonus.

Data transformation and Analytics is one of the deciding factors for a data scientist in agriculture.

According to a 2015 Fortune article, about 150 tech startups were funded up to 1 billion dollars all heavily involved in food production and agriculture. Many of the stalwarts in the sector like Dupont, Monsanto etc are all investing in data science certification training courses.

Currently, there are various negative setbacks such as Climate change and over-population. Despite this, the output from agriculture still manages to produce more than needed. It is due to the heavy involvement of data science and IoT in the field. This is a type of precision farming.

Data Science Course in Ulhasnagar, Kalyan, Neral region

Livewire Ambernath is one of the top-rated institutes in the regions of Ulhasnagar, Kalyan, Neral. Our data science training course covers everything required for a student to begin a successful career in it. Right from the basics to the complex practical algorithms, everything is present in our course by industrial experts.

Apart from the Data science certification training course, Livewire Ambernath also provides courses on Network security training, MATLAB course, Python programming etc. So if you are among those living in Ulhasnagar, Kalyan, Neral, Thane region do make sure to check out the data science course of our institute.

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