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Datascience Course

Just a look at the trends of Artificial Intelligence(AI). Yes, definitely we can say that this year is considered as the success of AI. Do you think- how can I say that? Just look at the number of startups in AI and find the taglines. Actually, somehow we’re going through AI in our single day. The best example is Google’s Voice Assistant. Like this, we ‘re using many technologies of AI but what is AI? Maybe it will be a difficult and controversial question to answer, isn’t it? No Issues. We can discuss that.
Before AI, let’s focus on Data Science. Data science is one of the major parts of AI. There are tremendous data is handling in a second. If you look at the demand for Data Science Course, you can understand it.

Every one of us will be active in LinkedIn. If  you just make a quick job search on LinkedIn and you’ll be amazed by the number of offers in Data Science. Now we can go through some important trending facts about Data Science.


In my knowledge, there are lots of developments in the last year. For example, automation of workflows, explainability, fairness, commoditization of data science and improvements in feature engineering/cleaning tools etc.

In the field of automation, Companies will have their own automation pipelines. In the case of others, just selling it. However, there are lots of competition every day. For example, Microsoft Azure, H2O, Data Robot, Google. If we check the applications, then in data science we can use the same algorithms that are used in healthcare and in agriculture. So, if a company face a fails in an area, their developments can be quickly adapted to another field. Post as a Data Scientists is one of the top job opportunity now. Lots of students will prefer to do a Data Science Course to become a Data Scientist.

There are many resources will be available. For example, book- Interpretable Machine Learning, by Christoph Molnar. If the barriers  are decreasing, we can understand the highly complex models.

Now, we can discuss with Python Programming Language. It is today’s fastest-growing major programming language and the most wanted language. It is the most used programming language. Lots of Python web frameworks also established in 2018.

For Example,

  1. Django
  2. Web2py
  3. Bottle
  4. Pyramid


So, what’re the next technical changes? Plenty of upcoming innovations are in Data science. The execution of these will be the main focus of data scientists in 2019, and the following years.

Reinforcement Learning has to face more technical difficulties. However, the upcoming years will be looks like another spring. Reinforcement learning has a human-like learning behaviour and it’s exciting to see its applications. New applications can be able to see these proofs-of-concept turned into actual products.

Big Data

Datascience Training

The various applications of big data analytics in healthcare has a lot of life-saving outcomes. Big data is mainly referred to as the vast quantities of information. So, It is consolidated and analyzed by specific technologies.

Treatment models have changed in time to time and many of these changes are by data. Doctors want to understand as much as they can about a patient and treating any disease at an early stage is more simple and less expensive. Above all, we can understand the importance of Data Science. Data Science Course will lead a better certification and training. Livewire Karur provides the training in Data Science with expert faculty. Great Career for all.

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