Data Science Certification Training In Trivandrum Using Python and R

How can a data scientist predict the future? Is it a complex task? The answer is simple, you can be a Data Scientist or Data analyst through the Data science certification Training Trivandrum!!
data science certification course in kerala
Data science certification course will enhance your career in data scientist.

The Most Comprehensive Data Science Certification Training Trivandrum You’ll Ever Need.

Are you planning a career as a Data Scientist? You’re in the right place. Anyone who’s deeply involved in the tech world has surely heard of the terms Big Data, Data Science, R, Python etc. Python and R are the two most popular tools used by data scientists. Both are open-source and free. But, Python is used as a general-purpose programming language and R is developed for statistical analysis.

The Skills that Companies Need Most in the Future

The skills like Data science, Data Science using Python, Data Science using R reflect the impact of our increasingly digital world. Yes, that means a spike in AI, but it also means a spike in improving that digital experience. All these skills are arising at an astronomical rate. Therefore, the companies are now looking for data scientists who help them drive swift business decisions efficiently. Anyone who’s interested in making a strong career in this domain should gain key skills in R and Python. After all, learning all these will help you carve out a niche as a data scientist:

What are The Skills Needed To Become a Data Scientist?

Learn Certification Course in DATA SCIENCE using PYTHON Trivandrum.

Python has gathered a sizable community of enthusiasts. Python is a swiss knife for the coding world. It is also used in applications such as YouTube, Quora, Instagram etc.

Also, python is a required skill for many data science positions because of its versatility. This undoubtedly makes it the best-suited programming language for the data scientists.

What is the role of Python in machine learning projects?

  • Python is a general-purpose programming language – It is a good choice if you require more than just learning statistics.
  • Gentle learning curve – Python is very accessible and easy to learn.
  • Full of useful libraries – Python owns a high number of libraries for manipulation, collection, and machine learning.

Better integration – Even if developers take advantage of a lower-level language such as C, C++, or Java, providing it with Python as support allows better integration with other components.

Data Science Certification Training Trivandrum

At last, we’ve come to the root of the above domains – Data Science! And, data science is a discipline that uses a combination of mathematical, statistical, and computational tools. In order to acquire, process, and analyze Big Data. Sometimes, it may also apply Machine Learning techniques to Big Data. Data science experts use statistical inference and data visualization techniques. It involves the following five processes:

  • Data extraction
  • Data Cleansing
  • Analysis
  • Visualization
  • Generation of Actionable Insights

Thus, Big Data and ML fit right into the broader canvas of Data Science that takes into consideration the entire concept of Big Data processing.

If you are looking for something more ambitious like playing with huge amounts of data and extracting valuable insights from them, go for Data Science Certification Training Trivandrum. Because, as it is all about extracting meaningful insights and patterns from large data sets and visualize them into data-driven business decisions.

High demand for workers and high median salaries make the technology industry exciting for employees.

Machine Learning jobs gained almost 10 fold since 2012, and Data Scientist jobs grew 6.5 times. Still, finding qualified people to fill such jobs remains difficult.


The value of a Data Scientist becomes double when using R programming along with Data Science. That is why we are providing Data Science Certification Training Trivandrum using R to make each candidate a master in Data Science. High demand for workers and high median salaries make the technology industry exciting for employees.

The open source analytics market is having a hike. This led to a huge demand for R certification. The analytics market has $14.4 billion in revenue. They require 250,000 certified analytics professionals to handle the increasing volumes of data. Companies like Amazon, Google, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and Dell are looking for certified and skilled analysts.

Salary Trends

Data scientists have an average salary around $91,470 (US) or ₹693,637 (IND). This is the salary of a Data Scientist according to the Experience.

Experience Salary
Entry Level – IND ₹306,054 – ₹1,215,966
Entry Level – US $60,894 – $127,894
Experienced – IND ₹972,106 – ₹2,928,194
Experienced – US $79,321 – $167,947

So while data science, data science using python and R are supposed to be the next great boom in the field of jobs. Lack of skill is the biggest barrier for companies that are looking to implement this technology. To be considered for any of the roles in these domains, the qualifications you need are no different than an IT development role. Proficiency in coding and fundamental in object design are at least required for your resume to be looked at. But the skills you need here are way more than that. They are seeking forward-thinking professionals who not only need standards in academics but also have soft skills and innovative thinking. These people are the most demanded professionals.

Finally, we need professionals who can convey a complex idea in simple ways, either speech, written communications or other abstract methods. So these job markets are the perfect platform for job seekers to showcase their skills and for companies to establish relationships with these professionals. So this is the best time to get into one of this technology. And who better to guide you than the trainers at Livewire. Learning from a Certified institute like Livewire will definitely suggest an optimistic future for professionals who were looking to dive into the tech industry.

Become A Data Scientist With Livewire Trivandrum

To begin with, LIVEWIRE Trivandrum provides Data science Certification training Trivandrum on most recent advances with the help of real-time tools and software. The Data science certification course at LIVEWIRE is given the concerned instruments, for example, R, SAS, SPSS and Excel.

We are giving Industry arranged contextual analyses from retail, insurance, Healthcare, and e-governess as part of training. And Projects also. Thus the Syllabus of  Data science training incorporates advance Analysis, regression, clustering, forecasting etc that assistance the contender to motivate refined to stand expertly fit. LIVEWIRE has encountered teachers, who are trained by the product engineers and industrial bodies. So Livewire makes a buyer person to a data scientist through the Data science certification course.

Livewire Trivandrum is one of the best training Institute in Kerala. Livewire provides training for Ethical Hacking, Internet of things, Embedded system, Machine Learning etc.

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