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Data scientists in india

Since two years, Data science Certification Course has great importance Data  Science has earned a  Respect that may not have been achieved by any other tech revolution. In the world of data science and analytics,  we have been characteristic of the ingenious minds that drive innovations across varied industries in Barath.

Indian businesses are currently providing one of data science’s most profitable career opportunities, and India is on the verge of becoming a data science hub. So, we can assure good career in Data Science.

Moreover,Data scientist could be a rare and well – known breed. In India, data scientists come up with ideas for modernization that would democratize technology and provide a tailor-made solution before the problem arises.

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Here is the list of India’s top 10 data scientists and draw some of their motto and inspirations ;

Anand Srinivasan

Anand Srinivasan is the founder and CEO of DSquare Solutions, Located in  Bengaluru.And is  the author  of  Business  Analytics  A  Practitioner’s  Guide, which mainly discusses a framework for data science – driven decision analysis.

He builds the Gramener Visualisation Server — Gramener’s flagship product. Motto of Srinivasan is “The Decision is bigger than the Data”.

Linkedin profile  https://in.linkedin.com/in/ananddsquare

Anurag Verma

Verma is the CEO and co-founder at MathLogic Consulting Services.

His current focus is on investing reinforcement learning and temporal CNN for real-world issues.

He is old in building and leading specialised data science groups within the corporations.

He has designed and delivered solutions around fraud, credit risk, sales and marketing as well as operational efficiencies with embedded machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

Linkedin profile   https://www.linkedin.com/in/anurag-verma-768625/

Chiranjiv Roy

Dr. Chiranjiv Roy heads the Data Science & Artificial Intelligence as Vice President, Nissan Digital.

 He has organized  multiple Industrial Track and Workshop Chair positions, member of Analytics Society of India, and has given invited talks and keynote speeches in multiple conferences including Cypher 2018, DataHacks 2017 and FedCSIS IEEE 2015.

Linkedin profile   https://www.linkedin.com/in/chiranjiv/

Goda Ramkumar

Goda Ramkumar is the Principal data scientist at Ola. And she is focused on product innovation and expanding the role of data science in driving business value.

She has co-authored publications in industry journals like the Journal of Revenue and rating Management and also in international conferences.

She regularly offers training programs, workshops and also, guest speaker sessions at academic institutes and industry conferences on practical data science applied to industries.

Linkedin profile   https://www.linkedin.com/in/godaramkumar/?originalSubdomain=in

Joydeep Dam

 Dam presently heads AI Labs for BRIDGEi2i, a unit that focuses on innovation in machine learning and AI.

With a team of a number of the most effective minds within the business, he leads efforts in developing BRIDGEi2i’s proprietary analytical algorithms and AI-powered accelerators. Most importantly, he set a career in Data science.

He was instrumental in setting up a number of various quantitative risk management groups within the banks that he has worked and led numerous groups of risk management quants Also developing quantitative solutions for risk management. Above all, we can find out the technical career growth in data science.

Linkedin profile  https://www.linkedin.com/in/joydeepdam/?originalSubdomain=in

Mathangi Sri

Mathangi Sri currently leads the data sciences team at Phonepe.

She has 14 world grants and, has given prestigious conferences including a Grace Hopper conference in the field of applying data sciences to service.

She has engineered data science teams in large organizations and startups.

Linkedin profile  https://www.linkedin.com/in/mathangi-sri-b092455/S

Saurabh Awasthi

Saurabh Awasthi is presently with Cigna TTK health insurance and has been instrumental in transfer the cultural amendment across the organisation as so much as data-driven higher cognitive process is concerned.

Also,He is the pinnacle of analytics at the company.

Awasthi was quite excited about the insurance inculcation of analytics and echnology.

And He believes that data science is an art that is best once applied with the right business understanding. So, we can analyse the technical growth from the career journey of her.

Linkedin profile  https://www.linkedin.com/in/saurabh-awasthi-35277614/?originalSubdomain=in

Subarna Roy

Subarna Roy  is presently  the lead data scientist in a large public sector program for IBM India.

She is an expert in unsupervised learning and deep-learning auto-encoders.

Linkedin profile  : https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-subarna-roy-1224057/?originalSubdomain=in

Vikas Behrani

 Dr Vikas Behrani is that the Principal data scientist at Genpact.

And also ,Specializing in machine learning, language process and in-depthlearning, Genpact Analytics leads a team of NLP / ML specialists.

Every day, he believes firmly in learning and is an infatuated reader.

His research is currently focused on developing deep learning models for  understanding the natural language.

And he holds more than 15 international publications for conferences also  journals, and one us patent below his name.

Linkedin profile  https://www.linkedin.com/in/vbehrani/

Vivek Prabhakar Vaidya

Vivek Prabhakar is the Senior Principal scientist at Symphony AI.

He is excited to use AI to combat disease and also, improve human health.

He has more than 20 patents filed on technologies such as transferring interactive illustrations of deeply learned ontologies, computerizing X-ray  scannersand circulating answers to deep learning also robotizing whole body spine imaging.

If you notice, some of the items that bind all the Data scientists because of  their passion and curiosity for data, a powerful a cademic background And exposure in  numerous competitions. According to the above top 10 data scientists, we also have a thought about the How to Build A Career in Data Science.

We must all understand that in the leading industries the need for data science experts is enormous. Well, the need to hear is not just in the world’s leading industries, but also in the world’s top locations.

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