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Data Science training is provided by many training institutes all over the world. For the last 30 years, the term is heard over around. Why Data Science has a market everywhere? The field of Data Science enables businesses to be more data-driven and started rapidly growing with knowledge and better insights with structured and unstructured data. It is a field that uses scientific methods, algorithms, scientific processes and systems to extract knowledge. Data science certification course provides better knowledge and training to be a data scientist. A course which provides a clear picture of the world of data science is the need of today. Livewire Marathahalli, bangalore is well known for its  Data science certification course training and thus provide a better career opportunity.

“When we have all data online it will be great for humanity. It is a prerequisite to solving many problems that humankind faces.”

Data Science Certification Course, Livewire Ayyappankavu


The evolution and growth of Data science were gradual in the past 30 years. It was originally used as an alternate for the computer science used in the 1960s. Later, nearly after 15 years, the survey of data processing was defined by this term.

             Data is a pivotal factor behind different platforms or sectors such as cell phones, healthcare surveys, social media, internet searches, e-commerce sites etc. As the platforms increased, the amount of data available also increased and this paved the way to the study of a new field known as Big Data. It contains extremely large data sets which are of immense potential. Data science incorporates tools from multi-disciplines to assemble a data set, method and derive insights from the data set. It then extracts purposeful data from the set and interprets it for decision-making functions.

Data Science includes:

The disciplinary areas that conjure the data science field embody mining, statistics, machine learning, analytics, and a few programming. Data mining applies algorithms in the complex data set to reveal patterns. Statistical measures like prophetic analytics utilize this extracted data to measure events that are seeming to happen within the future. Machine learning is a man-made intelligence tool that methods mass quantities of knowledge that individuals would be unable to process in a very lifespan. Above all, machine learning perfects the choice model bestowed below prophetic analytics by matching the probability of an occasion happening to what really happened at the anticipated time.

Data analyst handles and processes the structured data from the machine learning platform using algorithms under analytics. She/he interprets, converts, and reviews the data to a cohesive language that the decision-making team can understand. These fields mentioned are by no means a complete list of what data science concerns. In addition, as the role of a data scientist is better recognised, more skill sets will be appended to the field that embraces sectors like data structure, data engineering, and data administrator.

For anyone to truly prosper in the field of data science, one needs to have a knack for programming and quantitative analysis. And like every other role, communication and teamwork are also equally important. Above all, Livewire Marathahalli is one of the very few training institutes in Bangalore that gives importance to all of this in their data science certification course.


Data science and Big Data have a great role in the industry financially. All the sectors are investing and capitalising on big data for their success. Data science have helped and is a reason for the growth of the financial industry. With the help of Big data, people are now able to predict the next major event that may impact the company. Hence, companies that provide entertainment and Tv shows uses big data to determine the interest of their users and based on that they make decisions on what is to be produced and host. These companies also use some algorithms to create personalized recommendations for the user based on their watch history. Examples are Youtube, Netflix etc.

Data scientists help companies to manage and interpret data. Using this data expertise opinions that can solve complex problems are taken. The opinion that solves the problems include and considers modelling, computer science, statistics, modelling, and math – coupled with a strong business sense. Above all, the value of a data scientist to the company depends on the practical knowledge and rarefied intelligence in this area.

The role of data scientists is sure to gain more importance in the coming years. At present, the amount of unstructured data coming in is huge for every application or project. And to manipulate these unstructured data, every company needs to have an expert in data analysis, ie a data scientist. To conclude, it is the perfect time for someone to get into the field of data science.

Data Science Certification



As the immensity of data is on the rise, there is an urgent outlook for techniques to get valuable insights on it. As a result, there is a desperate requirement for professionals with proper data science skills. Data Science training is imperative for professionals and fresher groups looking for a career as a Data Scientist. Livewire Marathahalli, Bangalore gives the best opportunity in Data science by providing the best Data science certification course. The data science certification course training in Livewire Marathahalli, Bangalore is the best data science training in Kerala offered so far.

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