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In this information age, our initial need was to store the data coming in. But with various technologies like Hadoop, that problem was finally solved. The focus then shifted towards the processing of this data to predict outcomes. Data Science comes into the picture here. We, at Livewire Ambernath, aims to help you understand the uses of data science and the importance of doing a course.

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Data Science can be considered as a separate field of study if we must since it is a mix of mathematics, statistics, computer science, and information science.  The sole purpose is to find the hidden patterns in the existing data and predict useful outcomes from it. In technical terms, to extract the knowledge existing in it and gain valuable insights.


Data Science can be useful for anyone, be it a farmer or a businessman. And so, there are plenty of uses of data science. Some of them are:

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Fraud and Risk Mitigation in Finance

Due to the increasing losses happening due to bad debts and losses every year, companies tried to integrate data science into the process. With the help of it, they could now analyze the customer profiles and reduce the probability of risk and default.

Recommendations on the Internet: If you are a user of social media, you might have already be knowing about it. These websites analyze our previous data and make a list of recommendations which we are most likely to view.

Image Recognition: It is still a developing technology with many social media sites trying to improve the accuracy of image recognition by introducing new algorithms to improve the process. For example, Facebook is now able to suggest to tag the friends present in your picture without you searching for them.

Internet Search: A lot of work goes on behind the process of a simple Google search. Data science is heavily involved behind refining of the results obtained through the algorithms and providing the best possible result for the user.

Advertising: The entire field of advertising has been revitalized with the onset of data science.  Now target advertising has become popular. Based on the data of the user’s previous search history or shopping history, advertisements relatable to the user are shown.

Some other applications of data science are:

Delivery Logistics: The operational efficiency of companies has been greatly improved recently. Using data science, companies can now decide on the best possible time to send, the best possible route or the best possible transport mode, which together reduces the overall cost and time.

Recruitment: It is a tedious process to go through hundreds of resumes on a daily basis. And to choose the appropriate candidate from them even more so. Using data science, it has now become a lot easier. Companies are now able to choose the right candidate based on social media profiles and career websites.

Speech Recognition: It is another important application of data science. Recently there has been a surge in speech recognition software namely Google Voice, Apple’s Siri, Windows Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa. There is still scope for improvement but data science and machine-learning has helped it to blend in with our daily life.

Healthcare: Today almost everyone wears a body monitor which inputs our body’s vital signs. With this data, using the help of data science, we are now able to identify diseases before it gets serious and take preventive measures.

These are just some of the uses or applications of data science.

Data Science Certification Course by Livewire Ambernath, Mumbai

Livewire Ambernath has taken special care to provide you with the best data science certification course in Mumbai. Through this data science course, you will be able to kick start an exciting and fruitful career in this field. This data science certification course by Livewire Ambernath teaches you from the very basics to the most complex parts needed in the current market. Our focus is purely on the employability factor more than anything else.

To gain a bit more knowledge about becoming a data scientist, you can refer to this article written by Livewire Mylapore. It also manages to paint a picture of the job skills and the current job market. Other than the data science course, Livewire Ambarnath also provides PLC SCADA training for the students. You can rest assured that Livewire Ambernath will always provide you with the best training in the market.

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