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Certified Ethical Hacking(CEH) Training Institute In Thrissur[2019]

Cyber Security is an unavoidable part of organizations. Maybe you heard some of the terms which are related to security. For example, Threats, Cyber Attacks, Scams etc. Organizations and Individuals are facing systematic hacks and data breaching. Sometimes, The Organisations have no sign of slowing down these trends. So, the need for Security in this field is becoming more important to avoid various losses. Now, lots of professional in Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity are active to solve these issues. However, As per the Payscale report, the average payout for a certified ethical hacker is $90K (RS- 62,31,150). So, If a person wants to explore their career as a Certified Ethical Hacker then Ethical Hacking Training In Thrissur will be a good option.

Certified Ethical Hacking(CEH) Training Institute In Thrissur[2019]

Let’s have a look at some facts to show the importance of Cyber Security Professionals:

  • The cost of cybercrimes will double in the next five years. (Source:
  • Every 40 seconds Businesses Field will experience ransomware attacks. (Source: Kaspersky Lab)
  • Out of 131 emails, 1 is malicious. (Source: Symantec’s Report)
  • In 2021 Cybersecurity jobs will increase exponentially and unfilled positions in cyber security will reach 3.5million.

Without a qualified security professional, we cannot combat against sophisticated threats. There is a lack of skilful professionals in this field. So, companies are ready to pay a large amount for certified IT security professionals.

The Top Certifications Provided For Ethical Hacking Training In Thrissur

Certifications have a good role in the professions. In addition, If we have a certification, the employer’s can analyse that we learned enough to pass a knowledge test about the subject. So, Many organisations prefer particular certification for particular positions.

Ethical Hacking Certification (CEH)

Certified Ethical Hacking(CEH) Training Institute In Thrissur[2019]

Certified Ethical Hacker is the oldest and most popular certification offered by EC-council for Ethical Hackers. It is a globally accepted one. This certification gives lots of value to IT professionals. They can pursue their careers in ethical hacking. In the current scenario, hackers constantly find new different ways to attack information systems and exploit important vulnerabilities. However, Ethical Hackers are hired to safeguard the system by removing the attackers by their technical knowledge. CEH credential professionals can able to think like a hacker. So, they can understand how to look at the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the required systems. After finding out this, they apply their knowledge and tools to attack in a lawful manner. Ethical Hacking Training Institute In Thrissur provide CEH Certification.

Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

OSCP got a lot of popularity for its temper and practical based hands-on learning. Moreover, The participant has to attach to a virtual environment remotely where they are expected to attack in the examination time. While OSCP tests individual by assessing their penetration testing process. So, Professionals who have passed OSCP prove their ability to be presented with an unknown network. Ethical Hacking Training in Thrissur will the best option to build your career in Certified Ethical Hacker.

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)

CHFI certified security professionals are trained with the knowledge and capacity to follow the footprints of a hacker. They will determine the source of data breaches and attacks. However, Business Field and government agencies are hiring top talents in this field who can uncover and analyze complex digital evidence. Demand for Forensic Investigators is soaring high in major industries. For example, law enforcement, military and defence, insurance and banking, cybersecurity firms etc. Theses Ethical Hacking Training will help the person who has to achieve the career goal as an Ethical Hacker.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

CISSP is for the person who is serious about running a long way in the Information Security field. It is an advanced level certification offered by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium. Professionals need expert knowledge and technical skills necessary to develop, guide and then manage security standards. Also, responsible for taking control of the technologies to minimize the attack. CISSP is five years of work experience in the security industry.

An analytical and inquisitive mind to learn the subject will help the persons to explore their career in IT security. However, Huge job oriented courses are provided by Livewire. Cyber Security Course from Livewire Thrissur Leads to be a good career step for many students. So, Step your career as a Cyber Security professional by Ethical Hacking Training. Happy hacking for all!

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