The fastest-growing job in today’s world is Blockchain. If you search for anything related to the business field, Blockchain will be the one which is in the first five categories. As a result, the salary range for a Blockchain developer is much higher than the other jobs. LIVEWIRE offers a Blockchain certification course in India which covers all the theoretical and practical aspects that makes you ready to start your career in the most demanding technology.

Blockchain Info:

Blockchain is a collection of blocks including data regarding transactions which ensures a high level of security and transparency. Two types of Blockchain are: Private and Public.

The Private chain includes only known entities in the transaction network. On the other hand, the Public chain includes both known and unknown entities. It is impossible to change information stored in Blockchain. Moreover, it is secured with digital signatures which make it more legitimate. Therefore, a combination of encryption and digital signature gives double security for the data stored in Blockchain.

Applications of Blockchain comes in almost all industries, for instance, Healthcare, Banking, Retail Industry, etc.

Transformation of Internet of Information to the Internet of Value

Blockchain is transforming the face of the Internet from information to value. Every type of data regarding money, Government records, financial statements, etc. can be stored in Blockchain securely. Blockchain changes the whole world into a decentralized system. Its ability to secure the movement of assets without intermediates is remarkable. In short, Blockchain creates an agreement and trust between strangers.

Blockchain Technology in India

India is still in a developing stage in Blockchain’s evolution. However, we are in the sixth position in the trends and patents in Blockchain Technology. Many companies started to implement Blockchain for various purposes that create a job in this field. Every sector including health care, banking, supply chain, business, etc. is getting benefits from the implementation of the Blockchain Technology.

The corporate giants Wipro, IBM, Google, Microsoft are implementing blockchain to reduce cost, fraud activities, hacking and also to improve their business. Many states in India like Kerala, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana are investing and supporting Blockchain startups and projects and conducting many events in this space. Consequently, many young talents will get opportunities to build their ideas and start their own business. RBIs and tax authorities are not favoring cryptocurrencies. But, there are a lot of other applications for Blockchain apart cryptocurrency in which organizations and startups are focusing. Therefore, career opportunities in Blockchain are huge.

Careers after Blockchain Course

Blockchain in its starting stage was more related to currency. However, as it grows there are a lot of other applications in industries. Blockchain jobs come in two categories: Technical and Non-technical. Technical jobs are mainly developing jobs that need programming skills. But non-technical jobs need only basic knowledge to work in a field where Blockchain is implemented. So, anyone who needs to start a career in a promising technology has a chance to get a job in Blockchain. Since the number of experts in this field is very low, there is a high demand for both freshers and experienced professionals. As a result, industries offer high salaries for the employees in this field. The job positions that one can get in the Blockchain field are:

Blockchain Developer:

This position consists of server-side programming and needs skills in JavaScript, C, C#, AgileScrum, MYSQL. They are responsible for developing Blockchain platforms, architectures, web apps, etc. using Blockchain technology.

Blockchain Data Scientist:

These are the individuals who analyze Blockchain data and give information using Data Science and Machine Learning. Knowledge in Blockchain and Data Science is the best combination to get a high-paying job in the corporate world. Blockchain is all about storing and managing data. Therefore, demand for Blockchain Data Scientists is very high.

Blockchain Architect:

It mainly deals with converting product requirements into scalable architecture and design. The skills required for this position are knowledge in platforms, for example, Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc. and programming.

Blockchain Project Manager:

These are the ones responsible for the planning and execution of Blockchain projects. They convert ideas into real implementation. That is to say, whenever an organization wants to implement Blockchain, the project manager is the first person to be discussed with.

Blockchain Designer:

They create websites and portals to inform people about various Blockchain products offered. Required skills for this job are UI designs, PS, manual sketches.

Blockchain Quality Engineer:

This job deals with Quality testing, Automation testing framework and delivery of Blockchain projects. They are responsible for researching and improving the quality of Blockchain projects and to maintain quality assurance.

In addition to all these positions, Entry-level jobs, Internships, Freelance jobs are also available for this technology. Blockchain is the most demanding skill in the freelance market with an average pay of $65 to $250 per hour according to Upwork, a freelance job site.

Blockchain certification course in LIVEWIRE


LIVEWIRE is the best training institute in India that offers a Blockchain Course with Global Competency Certificate and life-time accessible digital course materials. This course mainly covers Ethereum, Hyperledger, Solidity Programming and many more required to get a head start in Blockchain career. So, act early to grab your position in this new technology.

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