Top 12 Indian Ethical Hacker In 2017
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Top 12 Indian Ethical Hacker In 2017

An Ethical hacker is the one who protect the system or network by doing penetration testing on the network with the owner permission for the purpose of finding the weak points that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

Here are the top 10 Indian Ethical hacker in 2017

1. Vivek Ramchandran :

Vivek Ramachandran is the Founder and CEO of Pentester Academy and SecurityTube Training. 
He is the author of multiple books - "Kali Linux: Wireless Penetrating Testing", "Make your own Hacker Gadget" and "Backtrack 5: Wireless Penetration Testing". These are rated 5 Stars on Amazon and have together sold thousands of copies worldwide. He is a regular speaker/trainer at top security conferences such as Blackhat USA and Europe, DEFCON, Brucon, Hacktivity etc.

To connect check his Linkedin profile.

Ethical hacker


2. Ankit Fadia :

Ankit Fadia is an Indian author, Speaker, Television host, and self-proclaimed “Indian ethical hacker” of computers, who skills and ethics have been debated. At the age of 10 he showed his interest towards ethical hacking when he was read a newspaper article and at the age of 14, he completed his book on “Ethical hacking” published by  MacmillanIndia.

For more update like his official Facebook page.

3. Koushik Dutta : 

Koushik Dutta is famous for hacking android mobile phones. He is working with Clockwork mod and now developing mobile platforms that can be safely used by Android users.

For more update about him check his Linkedin profile.

4. Sunny Vaghela :

Sunny Vaghela the founder of techdefence labs, completes his graduation from Nirma University.

At the age of 18,Sunny exposed loopholes like SMS & Call Forging in Mobile Networks he also launched a website where any complaints on cyber-crime can be solved.

At the age of 19 Sunny has found loopholes like “Cross Site Scripting” and “Session Hijacking” in popular Social Networking Website

At the age of 20,Sunny has successfully solved various cases of Cyber Crimes for Ahmedabad Crime Branch includingCredit Card Fraud Case, Phishing Cases, Biggest Data Theft Case, Several Orkut Fake Profile Impersonation Cases Espionage Case, etc.

For more updates about him Check his Linkedin profile

5. Trishneet Arora :

Trishneet Arora is hacking hero is an Indian author, cyber security expert, and entrepreneur. Arora has written books on cyber security, ethical hacking and web defence. He is the founder and CEO of TAC Security, an IT security company.

For more updates about him Check his linkedin profile

6. Sai Sathish : 

Sai sathish is an Young entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Indian servers. He trained thousands of college students and professionals all over the world. He helped government to improve security and safe transactions and forensic investigator by doing pentesting on government sites and rewarded by IAS officers.

For more updates about him Check his Facebook profile.

7. Rahul Tyagi : 

Rahul Tyagi completed his post graduate with major in computer science and has conducted more than a hundred training session globally in 5 years. He also provide his service to cyber security and Anti hacking organization in India. Rahul tyagi working as Vice president at Lucideus.

For more updates about him Check his Linkedin profile

8. Sangeet Chopra : 

Sangeet Chopra conducted hundreds of workshop globally. Currently he is working as Information security consultant at cybercure technologies private limited. He has a good speaking skill with ultimate knowledge.

For more updates about him Check his Linkedin profile

9. Falgun Rathod :

Falgun rathod has solved number of complex cyber crime cases. He is listed in top ten Indian ethical hackers of india by Indian today and silicon india. He is working as Chapter leader at OWASP foundation. His photo was published in page of International Security Magazine .

For more updates about him Check his Linkedin profile

10. Benild Joseph :

Benild joseph is a 25 year old limca Book record holder and renowned white hat hacker with definitive experience in the Benild joseph is listed among the top 10 ethical hacers in India by Microsoft social forum and silicon Indian magazine. Benild has discovered critical vulnerabilities in popular websites including Facebook, Yahoo, Blackberry, sony pictures, Tesco, AstraZeneca, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom.He is the co-author of "CCI" a book written for law enforcement agencies in India.

For more updates about him Check his Linkedin profile

11. Aseen Jakhar : 

Aseen Jakhar is a renowned Open Security Researcher and OSI (Open Source India ) Speaker . He has worked in various Security products and tools such as IBM ISS Proventia , Mirapoint messaging/security application , anti-virus software , multicast Packet reflector and UTM appliance, he has been a speaker  at various Security Conferences including Black hat EU , Defcon , , Xcon , IBM security ISACA Bangalore and many more . He is well known in the hacking and Security world as the founder of NULL (the open Security Community ) one of the largest Security community in India , Null Community main aim is to provide vulnerability and advance security . 
Aseen Jakhar  research includes Linux remote , dynamic web filter automated web application detection and thread injection .

12. Rajesh Babu :

He is one of the top Indian ethical hacker who has worked in government offices and agencies. Currently he is the owner of own company called Mirox Technopark in Kerala. He has also been a part of one of the most dangerous hacker group called 'Black Hackers'.

For more updates about him Check his Linkedin profile

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