The Top Trending Programming Language In 2017 That Must Be Known By All Developer
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The Top Trending Programming Language In 2017 That Must Be Known By All Developer

Do you want to start your career in IT industry but confused in choosing the trending programming language. Here the best solution for you to understand the programming language trends in 2017

We can rank the programming language by analyzing the search results, GitHub project, Stack Overflow questions, and  data from various job seeking websites for the number of job postings that contained the name of a programming language.

To be successful in your career it is very important to know and learn the most trending skills in the industry.  Here is the list of programming language that all developer must know in 2017

1.Python :

Python is one of the first fastest growing programming languages. According to the research done by David Robinson, a data scientist at Stack Overflow, “June 2017 was the first month that Python was the most visited tag on Stack Overflow within high-income nations”. Python ranked first in the IEEE Spectrum's recent list of the top programming languages of 2017. Python also  called as general purpose programming language emphasizes code readability and increasing developer productivity, used for desktop apps, web apps, and data mining.

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2. C :

Many of the today’s trending programming language such as Java, C++, and Python are directly influenced by C which is developed in the year 1970’s.  People who program in C may have job titles like operating system programmer, scientific programmer, or systems programmer with the average salary of $102,000.

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3. Java :

This is a third fastest programming language. There are 30,000 of Java positions available in various job seeking websites. Most of the java developer have been getting excited about the upcoming Java 9 launch in July 2017.

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4. C++ :

C++ is the top fourth programming language ranked based on There is 20,000 job posting available in various job seeking websites. C++ is a powerful, high-performance language used to build system software, games engines and desktop and web apps. Graphical user interface developer, game developer, and animation programmer are common job titles for people seeking C++ development jobs with the average salary of $104,000

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5. C# :

C# - c sharp increases in popularity in 2017.  It is object-oriented and allows you to build reusable components for a wide variety of application types Microsoft introduced C# on June 26th, 2000 and it became a v1.0 product on Feb 13th, 2002.

6. R :

R is an open source programming language used for statistical computing and graphics. As the world becomes more and more digitalized there are a lot more opportunities for professionals with better knowledge in R language javascript :

7. JavaScript :

Javascript ranked higher when compared to previous year. Job posting remains the same for java script. Javascript is an object scripting language which is not only used to supports web pages but also supports external applications like PDF documents, running widgets, supporting for flash applications etc. 

8. PHP :

Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. There is no change in ranking for PHP programming.

9. Go:

Go is an open source programming language created by Google in 2007. It is ranked higher when compared to previous year. Go is recognizably in the tradition of C, but makes many changes to improve brevity, simplicity, and safety

10. Swift :

Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux.

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