System Recovery Techniques on Linux
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System Recovery Techniques on Linux

System failures and recovery is a part and parcel of any system in an organization. But it becomes a true horror story when you are working on an important project on a machine and suddenly it fails to boot. Despite the fact that if a system fails, it is difficult to recover everything, still there are some Linux System recovery techniques that can be adopted to recover a system.


Important Considerations


A good and timely backup is the best way to keep safe the files in any circumstances. A system should always keep a thoroughly tested and reliable backup system to keep files safe. It would also be best if this backup resides offshore and away from the working documents.


Linux System recovery techniques


Although, all complete system recovery is difficult to achieve, there are some last-resort methods that can be considered.


  1. Attempt Recovery with Fsck Kernel- The first step adopted in Linux System recovery techniques is to mount the recovery kernel that will allow you to run fsck- the file system checking utility. This can help by fixing errors in your Linux file system.
  2. Attempt Recovery with a Recovery ISO- The next step in Linux System recovery techniques in an attempt to rescue the Linux system with a Recovery ISO. This method can be a bit tricky, you can take help from a technical support staff.
  3. Using SFTP to transfer Files- Important files can also be transferred from your Droplet to the local computer through the recovery environment.


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