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Jump Start system design and speed time to market

Time to market is the period of time when a product idea is conceived and when it is available for sale. In today’s world, a fast-moving marketplace often determines the success of a product, especially in applications that are growing at very fast pace. Focussing on time to market gives the companies an opportunity to predict launch dates and schedules, efficiently manage resources, and increase the total revenue. Speeding time to market is a critical factor for time-based competition. The five main key points to speed time-to-market.


  • Well defined workflows: Breakdown the work and share your knowledge with the team and others.
  • Process automation: Using operational tools along with enablement tools to approve reports and processes to manage the team effectively.
  • Effective traceability: Fluidity and inter-team collaborations results in transparent and agile achievement of objectives.
  • Information management: Accessible and visual data increase the review speed of any data.
  • Real-time and flexibility: Sharing and collecting information in the real-time to increase the effectiveness of decision-making.


Jump starting system design is an effective way to cope up with the fast moving technologies. Thus, jump starting a system design could help to speed time to market. Jump start system design involves complete board level and system level reference design of the circuits that help in quick evaluation and customization of the system. The system can include from embedded processors to analog signal chains and power management. Jump starting or shortening the design cycle through early software development can speed up both creation and distribution. With best practices in system design and development, the product development time can be saved to a significant amount.


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