Job Opportunities in VLSI are Very Large and Scale New Highs
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Job Opportunities in VLSI are Very Large and Scale New Highs

Currently employing just about 3,000 high quality engineers, India's VLSI (short for, Very Large Scale Integration, the process of creating an Integrated Circuit by combining thousands of transistors into a single chip.) is keeping its doors open (and eyes crossed) to people to walk-in. 

India's NITs and IITs create only one fourth of engineers for VLSI, and the rest of the engineering colleges and universities meet only 20% of the skill demand. According to estimates, VLSI sector needs about 20,000 engineers of high calibre. 

India has about 160 chip design companies with being led by companies like Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Cypress Semiconductors, and Bit Mapper. The world's top 10 players, including Intel, AMD and Xilinx, have their design centres in India. Frost & Sullivan, a market research firm, estimates that the R&D offshoring in this segment is a US$ 25 billion market. 

What does a VLSI company do? The game is about putting more and more logic devices/transistors in smaller and smaller areas. They employ engineers for designing chip's architecture, circuit design, simulations, supervise layout. Engineers should have an electronics background, and possess programming skills. They are expected to be good at maths and analytics. 

With comprehensive and focused training, an electronics and computer science engineer grab a job of Design engineer, CAD engineer, Product Engineer, Applications and Systems Engineer, Test Engineer and Process Engineer are some of the popular job titles of this burgeoning, high tech industry. Know the learning opportunities we offer in VLSI here.

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