Information Technology Infrastructure Management empowering professionals for the Future
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Information Technology Infrastructure Management empowering professionals for the Future

IT Infrastructure Management has become of the top priorities for almost all the business organization. Any big company today spends an enormous amount of money on its IT Infrastructure to purchase hardware and software components such as servers, operating systems with storage and networking gadgets. A proper management of such components have thus become one of the major concerns for any organization as most of the business activities, and goals can only be reached if there is a secure IT Infrastructure in the organization.


Information Technology Infrastructure Management is a discipline which manages all the information Technology resources of a firm as per the priorities and needs with the workflow. The IT Infrastructure Management professionals take care of all the resources required to manage the Information and Technology Department of a firm that plays a significant role in project development and delivery.


The IT Infrastructure Resources includes all sorts of investment- from hardware devices such as desktop computers, laptops, printers and scanning machines to software components such as essential software’s, data, network management, as well as sensitive data center facilities including the staff members that are responsible for managing them.


The IT Infrastructure in an organization is made up all such components that help to deliver IT services to its customers and business partners. It Infrastructure Management can also be divided into categories such as- System Management, Database Management, Network Management and Security.


Apart from the overall purposes, the field of Information Technology Infrastructure Management for an organization seeks to:


  •   Reduce effort Duplication
  •   Save Time and Costs
  •   Achieve High Security for Sensitive Data and Information
  •   Ensure adherence to industry standards
  •   Promote adaptability that is necessary for an environment that can be improvised
  •   Ensure interoperability among organizational and external entities
  •   Maintain effective and efficient change Management practices and policies. 


Livewire, one of the primary arms of the CADD Centre that offers excellent and industry oriented courses to all the passionate engineers from the branch of Information and Technology. Livewire empowers engineers and professionals in the trending technology industries to offer a competitive edge in the market.


The ITIM course provided by Livewire is dedicated to provide knowledge to candidates all about IT Service and System Management Process, Database Management with its Security and Integrity. This course can be an excellent opportunity for all those candidates who are passionate about Information Technology, its management, and Security.

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