For On Demand Jobs that Power Organizations
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For On Demand Jobs that Power Organizations

When a new breed of profession is born, they are not noticed. Niche in nature, these jobs will need new skills that are not yet taught by mainstream colleges and trainers. The premium placed on these jobs would often remain an insider secret. LiveWire provides training to such high skill and lucrative jobs especially in the information technology domain. In other words, we provide training for jobs that are on demand and jobs that power the industry.

The courses we provide are for meant for you to get jobs in a very diversified set of work places: It could be capital-intensive industries with small base. Take for instance, the sector of industrial automation. The number of industries are few. They produce fewer number of products but the jobs created by the industry are high skill and lucrative. If you are in India, LiveWire is the place to go for training in programme controller logic and SCADA. 

At the other end of the spectrum are industries with a large base - something like electronic hardware. India has a large and growing electronic hardware industry, fuelled to a large extend by multinationals. LiveWire's certifications on the completion of training in Electronic Design Automation can give entry to you into this future world of work.

And we provide training in specialized skills that work only in one particular industry and those that are transferrable to almost any industry. Examples? Look at MATLAB, a high-level technical computing language and interactive environment for algorithm development, data visualization, and data analysis. It is meant for few scientific sectors. On the other hand, consider network security. This is a skill that every organization having a network of computers would want to have. LiveWire offers training in such high skill and lucrative jobs.

But not all LiveWire training is not just for niche sectors. We are creating manpower for stable and strategic jobs as well. System Administration and Project Management for IT are stable and strategic positions, respectively. These positions are available in well established industries yet they are high skill and lucrative. 

At LiveWire we face the challenges in providing training on such specialized courses with expert trainers and sophisticated training infrastructure - we offer a variety of training options - from instructor-led to self paced. We have product knowledge and curricula covering the full breadth and width of the subject. Experience LiveWire. 

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