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Almost all the electronics we use in our daily life are either from china or from the rest of the world, however, very few of them are made in India. What could be the reason behind the crowd not using the electronics made in India? The product reliability? I bet Indian appliance are more reliable than most of the Chinese products in the market. And, Indian electronic industries are going to grow rapidly in coming years.Very few of us might know about the electronic industries in India. There are some states that would give the clue about Indian electronic market and why one should now start paying attention to the industry.



  • According to the govt. survey by “make in India”, The Indian Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) industry was estimated to be worth USD 68.31 Billion in 2012 and is anticipated to be worth USD 94.2 Billion by 2015 with a CAGR of 9.88% from 2011 to 2015.
  • According to the govt. survey by “make in India”, the sector comprises Electronic Products, Electronic Components, Semiconductor Design and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS).
  • According to the govt. survey by “make in India”, top 10 electronic products by total revenue: mobile phones, flat panel display TVs, notebooks, desktops, digital cameras, inverters / UPS, memory cards/USB drives, EMS/LCD monitors and servers.

Why should one invest in the electronic industry in India?

  • It is predicted that the global demand of the electronics is to reach USD 94.2 Billion by 2015.
  • Huge demand made due to government projects like the National Knowledge Network (NKN), or National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN), tablets for the Education sector, a digitization policy and various other broadband schemes.
  • Adequately developed Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry is set to be a significant contributor to the entire industry’s development.
  • India has the third largest pool of scientists and technicians in the world.
  • Skilled manpower available in abundance in Semiconductor Design and Embedded Software.
  • Strong design and R&D capabilities in auto electronics and industrial electronics.

The campaign started by the government named as “make in India” has brought a lot facts about the Indian electronic industries, we had a very small idea of. The Indian market of electronics is booming and would surely be competing the world electronic market soon.

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