Electronics Design - Is career scope really limited or you needed to bridge the gap between college and industry
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Electronics Design - Is career scope really limited or you needed to bridge the gap between college and industry

The field of Electronics and Electronic Design is undergoing rapid change with the emerging technical revolution. The job areas under electronics designs consist of tasks such as to construct repair and maintain electronic equipment. This field of engineering and technology is influencing everyone’s daily routine and changing lives through its new inventions every day, thus generating immense career opportunities for students and professionals who want to contribute in this field.


Undoubtedly top universities and technical colleges are offering high quality education that can be applied by the students, but to meet the rising competition and industrial challenges, students and professionals need to be more skilled and competent in this crucial field. A bachelors or master’s degree from a college may not prove to be sufficient in such cases as this area of technology needs advanced training ready to be applied immediately into the industries.


A certified electronics technician may undergo skill development in the form of on-the-job training, certificate programs, apprenticeships or an associate degree program. Essential on requirements for an electronic technician depends on solid field works as they have to build or service equipments such as sewing machines, washing machines, microwaves, refrigerators, washers and dryers, stereos, radios, televisions, mixers and juicers and other such devices. Some of the fields therefore such as avionics just need schooling while other areas such as appliance development and repair may require on-the-job training or advanced certifications.


Although electronic technicians are not required by law to undergo state or federal licensing or certifications, but many employers do require their technicians to be certified. Due to wide variety of job opportunities in electronics and technology there are several different certifications that organizations are offering. Top-notch certifications and trainings by these organizations may help students as well as working professionals to fill up the gaps in technical skills.


Electronic Design professionals and college students needs to master their knowledge and skills in areas such as OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor, OrCAD P Spice, VLSI Digital Design and Matlab. Candidates needs to master in area Schematic development, Simple and Complex Hierarchy Projects, Simulation Profile Creation, Output Window and Properties, routing and layers, Matlab Graphics, Z Domain Analysis, etc.


The primary focus of courses is to provide students a platform to explore the multiple approaches of working with all these technologies and mastering to work with them accessing all their features.

Livewire being one of the leaders in providing technical certification programs offers state-of-the-art training and certification programs for candidates to prove their proficiency by validating their skills. The courses offered aims to aware the students about the real need of these technologies and skills in electronic Designs.

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